OMLx 4.0 wallpapers-extra - Discussion

Here is a topic for discussion on next OMLx 4.0 wallpapers-extra content, in order to gather ideas and suggestions.

First of all we may want to decide a “theme”. It has to be simple and easy to satisfy.

FYI codename for 4.0 will be Nitrogen. We may stick with something related, or not.

Please note:
This topic is aimed at the organization, further instructions will follow and most likely a different topic will be set for contributions :wink:

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Previous themes were “freedom” and “energy”. We can stay using similar topic with, for instance “connection”, “trust”…(just some quick inputs)

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Quick inputs welcome. Just please keep in mind

:grin: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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So, currently we have some suggestions for the theme:

  • Nitrogen (the actual chemical element from the periodic table)

  • Balance (or equilbrium)

  • Nitrogen > Life

  • Ice

Looking forward to read any other useful idea.
Let your fantasy run.

But please, consider:
- simple, and easy to satisfy (last challenge didn’t get many submissions because the theme was not the simplest one to fulfill… :unamused:)
- be kind, do not publish images to this topic, please use the one I split right now - or any other already in place - in order to avoid further mess.

When I think to Nitrogen, the ice comes to my mind. Maybe because of liquid nitrogen :slight_smile:
So I guess Ice too could be an idea among the others (?)

Most of penguins likes ice!

+1 for ice.

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I think of grass fertilizer when I think of nitrogen ,
or a rapidly expanding gas at room temperature, or the air we breath .

A rapid expansion of a gas produces coolness …

or 1 drop of liquid nitrogen =10 lbs. psi per 355 ml can of minute maid lemonade chilled @ 36 degrees f LOL

Insert obvious obligatory fart joke here…

Thermal effects of rapidly expanding gas
When gas expands, the decrease in pressure causes the molecules to slow down. This makes the gas cold.

The Ideal Gas Law states pV = nRT, where P = The pressure of the gas in Pa, V = Volume of gas in m3, n = Number of moles of gas, R = A constant of about 8.314 and T = Temperature in K.

As a gas (like air) expands, the value of V increases and this has the effect of increasing T (The temperature). As the energy needed to increase it’s temperature must be supplied from somewhere, the gas takes the energy from the surrounding system giving the effect of cooling. This is a principle used in refrigeration.

All very interesting. But a bit OffTopic.

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Nitrogen is used in soft drink production to give the container firmness when CO2 is not used in the microblend.
with out this firmness you can not label the container nor stack the containers for shipment.
the nitrogen is injected into the beverage after the container is filled but before it is sealed , the Nitrogen
expands rapidly at ROOM temperature . This was the point of the statement , and another example of
how nitrogen is used , in reference to " what do you think of when one thinks of Nitrogen" .

I like the ice/Nitrogen idea.

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Ok, I add Ice to the list of quick inputs.

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Since We’re on the topic of ice, here’s a photo of Pluto with Nitrogen Ice valley. Link with description below:

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I wonder if it could be appropriate:

  1. to write a blog post to invite people to give useful suggestions on the theme;
  2. set a deadline;
  3. then, to write a blog post to announce the contest.



That’s fine with me, for the blog post, if there is first another post of news related to the distro.