OMLx 4.0 Pre-Alpha ISO Plasma development builds

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(Bero) #163

dnf install lib64yui-mga8-qt

Please don’t add that as a hard dependency in the spec because you can use the ncurses version as well (unset DISPLAY or launch it from a text mode prompt)…

(Ben Bullard) #164

I installed python-yaml, lib64yui-mga8-qt, and then dnfdragora. Yet somehow happiness is elusive.

Konsole output of dnfdragora:

dnfdragora-konsole.txt (5.8 KB)

Post-edit: Worth noting is that after I close dnfdragora something called dnfdaemon-syste is not closed:

Which will lead to this next time I try to run dnfdragora:

Which may be another bug perhaps?

TC Meeting today 19-12-2018: 17:00 CET 16:00 GMT
(Ben Bullard) #165

In a fresh install of latest ISO 2348 I still have to install manually python-yaml, lib64yui-mga8-qt then install dnfdragora but then it bleeping works.

(Ben Bullard) #166

For OM Lx 4.0 I would like to see a replacement for remove-unused-packages.

(Ben Bullard) #167