OMLx 4.0 Post Alpha1 improvements

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(rugyada) #21

Good suggestion :+1:
I passed it on to devs, almost sure they agree.

(rugyada) #22


KApps 18.12.1

Note: This is ISO build ID 2381

(Ben Bullard) #23

Post-edit: Note: the screen-shot shows a bug that may have been < fixed >.

(rugyada) #24

Yep, bug has been fixed.

(rugyada) #25

The Kube email client may be an interesting alternative to akonadi/kmail.

$ rpm -q kube

(rugyada) #26

Skype online:

$ sudo dnf --refresh install skype

(rugyada) #27

KDE Plasma 5.14.90

(rugyada) #28

This is ISO build ID 2412

(Ben Bullard) #29

I’m vaguely disturbed by something missing from my 2412 installed system.

No games?

Otherwise in VBox and hardware ISO 2412 boots and installs and installed system seems working so far. Much more testing to be done.

Post-edit: Duh: I should maybe mention I don’t really care about not having games as I don’t use them anyway.

Post-edit-again: There is a game on the ISO.

(D27) #30

Hi Ben,

“I” do have the game functionnating (booting from USB pendrive).
…But am affected with a more important problem.
Report follows soon.

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@rugyada Since OMLx 4 Beta ISO is out now maybe we should start a new thread, or maybe start after the release announcement?

Post-edit: There is ISO with optimization specifically for Ryzen CPU’s here.

(rugyada) #33

@ben79 if we start new one now, we must title OMLx 4.0 Beta candidate.
Otherwise OMLx 4.0 Beta after public announcement.

As you wish.
Also 1 now and 1 after works for me :slight_smile:

(Ben Bullard) #34

Opps! I did it.

Closing this thread and opening a new thread here.

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