OMLx 4.0 oma-welcome fixes and changes

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(rugyada) #1

Here is how oma-welcome is currently.
We need a few fixes to get it updated to OMLx4.0 new major release and in the mean time we may want to change some of the suggested displayed apps.

01 Tab Welcome

02 Tab Features

03 Tab Features

04 Tab Features

05 Tab Configure

06 Tab Applications/Office

07 Tab Applications/Graphics

08 Tab Applications/Internet

09 Tab Applications/Multimedia

10 Tab Applications/Development

11 Tab Applications/Utility

12 Tab Applications/Games

13 Tab Contribute

14 Tab About

OMLx 4.0 Pre-Alpha ISO Plasma development builds
TC Meeting today 03-10-2018: 17:00 CEST 16:00 BST
(rugyada) #2

TODO list

Tab Features

- Replace:
This is the third major release, codenamed Einsteinium, under the OpenMandriva Association! Over the course of the year past we’ve tried to evolve the way you use your desktop. Here are some of the things we’ve done for OpenMandriva Lx 3.0:
This is the fourth major release, codenamed Nitrogen, under the OpenMandriva Association. Over the course of the year past we have tried to evolve the way you use your desktop. Here are some of the things we have done for OpenMandriva Lx 4.0:

- OpenMandriva Control Center
What to do with it?

- Drakconf
Guess is to be deleted

Tab Configure

- Add Media: Is there any command that could be run to replace Add Media? postedit: (or is it useful at all?)
- Remove Unused Packages: Is there any command that could be run to replace Remove Unused Packages?
- OpenMandriva Control Center: What to do with it?

Tab Applications

- Install additional applications with rpmdrake: any replacement?
- Applications/Internet: replace QupZilla with Falkon
- Applications/Multimedia: remove ROSA Media Player (not available anymore)

Tab Contribute

- Mailing list is obsolete

Tab About

- To check if informations are correct, in particular
It uses Qt5 WebEngine, and bigbashview


(rugyada) #4

08 Tab Applications/Internet: replace QupZilla with Falkon

(Ben Bullard) #5

This is wikefied so everyone can edit.

Starting a list of changes/suggestions:

Welcome page:

Just need to be sure is accurate and up to date.

Under Features:

drakconf references need to be removed and replaced with manatools.

rpmdrake removed and replaced with dnfdragora

I would remove references to ABF, most users won’t know or care what that is all about

don’t know if panel about EFI boot is still needed?

Update list in “Fresh Packages”

Under Configure:

Add media needs change to dnf

Remove Unused Packages needs either removal or replacement

Update of OpenMandriva needs changing to dnf

OpenMandriva Control Center to link to updates OM-CC by @bero

that’s as far as I have gotten


These will need all the links to install updated

Also maybe what packages are listed needs updating as well?

We could use some user input on what applications should be includes don’t you think?


Something, need to check further


just check and be sure is accurate and up to date


(rugyada) #6

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(rugyada) #7

It looks ok to you like this?

(Ben Bullard) #8

What the heck is a systemtap? And where is it, I haven’t found in application menu yet?

And there is a fot that should be a for.

(rugyada) #9

No clue :grin:

(Ben Bullard) #10

If we can’t find it in application launcher I would suggest it not be there.

(rugyada) #11

(Ben Bullard) #12

So is this meant to be a replacement for omv-bug-report.log? Or an additional tool?

If it is OM-Welcome>Fresh Packages list it seems like it should be in Application Launcher.

(rugyada) #13

I have the feeling that it works in CLI (aka command line interface, for windows-ish ppl :stuck_out_tongue: )


info systemtap

SystemTap provides a simple command line interface and scripting language for
writing instrumentation for a live running kernel. We are publishing samples,
as well as enlarging the internal “tapset” script library to aid reuse and
abstraction. We also plan to support probing userspace applications. We are
investigating interfacing Systemtap with similar tools such as Frysk,
Oprofile and LTT.