nVidia 470.57 available for OM Lx 4.2 and Rolling

Remember that nVidia propreitary driver packages are hardware specific, you must match the correct driver with your hardware. The nVidia propreitary driver packages are also kernel specific. This means the nvidia package you install will work with one kernel version only. New kernel means you’ll need a new driver package to match that kernel.

I do not have nvidia hardware so I can not test if the packages work, I can only test that they will install.

@AngryPenguin upgraded the OM nvidia package to 470.57.02 in Cooker. They are now backported to testing repos for OM Lx 4.2 and Rolling branches.

Install nvidia version (470.57.02):

$ sudo dnf --refresh --enablerepo rock-testing-x86_64-non-free install nvidia

Or if you use clang kernel:

$ sudo dnf --refresh install --enablerepo rock-testing-x86_64-non-free nvidia nvidia-kernel-modules-desktop-clang

(For znver1 system replace x86_64 with znver1 for Rolling system replace the word rock with rolling.)

More about nVidia proprietary drivers here.

Please let us know if this new software works or not. If you have issues please give detailed report here.