Nouveau driver, but no dual monitor setup!


I have two monitors …
Problem is no more dual monitors setup is possible.

Only one (the 22") of the two monitors is active.
It has worked in the past, both with the nouveau as with the nVidia (470) driver.

OpenMandriva Lx 24.04 (ROME) Rolling with kernel 6.8.7 desktop.
GPU: nVidia GK104 [GeForce GTX 770].
Active driver: nouveau.
Philips 22". active (1680 x 1050).
Philips 19", blanc, not active (1280 x 1024).
The nVidia 470 legacy driver, is not available.


nVidia is not making 470 legacy drivers for current Linux kernel versions, OpenMandriva can not fix that.

Dual monitor I can not help much with because I only have a laptop. I will pass this along to OM devs.

Be sure Display Configuration applet is enabled in system tray. That looks like it may be where to set different display devices.

Sorry Ben,

The Display Configuration applet is enabled in system tray, but inactive.
No seccond monitor available.
Pitty about the nVidia 470 driver.



I suspect there is something wrong with it kernel 6.8.7 and nouveau kernel-module (driver).
With the kernel 5.15.109 there is no problem.
Here I have my two screens, without any configuration.

Is it possible that the ‘GPU: nVidia GK104 [GeForce GTX 770]’ no more is supported by kernel 6.8.7?
When that is the case, a big pitty.


Hi @MauRice

Maybe helpful to read?
NVIDIA driver packages changing
**UPDATE: NVIDIA driver package version support

Can you check Wayland session?

I informed OM devs and @AngryPenguin responds with a good suggestion.

For information and a workaround:

Nouveau - Arch wiki

Multihead - Arch wiki

Nouveau -

In the Nouveau - look under “Common Tasks” for “Multiple monitors”.

Also it may be a good idea to start a bug report on this issue. It is reasonable to expect there may be a regression in the kernel.


With both kernel it is X11.


I think @AngryPenguin is asking for you to logout and then loging to Wayland session. You should find that on the bottom left of the sddm login screen. Then see if this does/does not work under Wayland. This is assuming Wayland works on your hardware which it should unless the hardware is very old.


It makes no difference with X11 or Wayland.
Still one monitor active.

No, there’s something wrong with it the kernel-module ‘nouveau’ in kernels 6.8.7 and 6.9.0

OK, my hardware isn’t the youngest:
CPU: Intel Core i7-2600
GPU: nVidia GK104 [GeForce GTX 770]

It’s not only with OpenMandriva that this issue with the nouveau driver.
Also with Ubuntu 24.04, but here I have the nVidia-470 driver.
And with this nVidia-470 driver it works.



I managed to switch the second screen ‘on’ with the nouveau driver.

The solution is VERY weird.

My two screens are connected using a DVI cable.
Normally I tighten the connector hand tight into the monitors and graphics card.
By chance I noticed when I disconnected the DVI cable from the second monitor…
The second screen turned ‘on’.
So in other words, on the second screen the connector is now only ‘half-attached’.
This is VERY weird.


@MauRice thanks for letting us know. Now this sounds like a hardware problem. Maybe cable or connector geting worn.

Yes and no, Ben.
The problem started from kernel 6.7.x with to monitors and with the nouveau driver.
When I use only one monitor, I can tighten the connector hand tight.

When I can use the nVidia-470 driver (other OS), I can tighten the connector hand tight.

I think that something changed from kernel 6.7.x with the communication between the graphics card and monitor. Especially with the nouveau driver.


You can try filing a bug report against the kernel that you believe causes the problem. I suspect you first may need to explain how software code can affect a loose vs. tight connection. Maybe this is possible, I am no expert. Certainly this is not something I have ever heard of.

As far as nVidia 470 working in other distros that would most likely be because they are using old kernels, not a great idea. ROME there is nvidia-legacy-470.223.02-6 but I have no idea what kernel that will work with. In the .spec file it says this. So one might assume it works with some kernel 6.5 if you can find it somewhere. No current version of OMLx uses kernel 6.5 Rock uses kernel 6.6.2 with also available kernel5.15-desktop-5.15.109-1.

You need to file a bug report to get the attention of OM developers and because bug reports keep a more or less permanent record of what transpires as people work on the issue to avoid duplication of effort and time. Developer generally do not like work on complex issues in forums.

I think the latest supposedly working is Default to modesetting commit,
so 470.223.02-6, which also is the latest available:

That should work in combination with kernel 6.6.7 but kernel 6.6.7 is not available anymore afaik


Before I file a bug report …
I need more test to do.
It’s a very weird issue here with me.

I know that with de nouveau driver and hand thight connector it works till kernel 6.6.x, above no more. Tested on a distro where I can choose out of several kernel versions (5 series / 6 series).

When the distro has also the nVidia-470 driver, it works also with kernel 6.7.x and above.



The latest version of the nVidia 470: 470.239-06.

OpenMandriva is still with the version: 470.223.02?
When will this driver version 470.239-06 available?