New wiki online


Our new wiki is online:

We are now using the modern wiki engine Wiki.js

A lot of kudos to @rugyada who imported, sorted, rewrote documentation from previous wiki, it’s been a huge work. Of course, a lot of documentation still need to be created and @rugyada also created a guide for creating content in the wiki

Note that the content has a bi-directional link to Github, which means we have a backup everybody can easily clone, and it let anyone make a correction to any page through a simple Pull Request.
Also it will ease the process of translating pages through Transifex.



Just a quick note:
the wiki can be reached also from our website homepage > Documentation link.


Reset password >>> Coming soon!

That might ought to be here now.

Post-edit: Also here there is a way to login if you have working login credentials but there does not seem to be anyway to set-up an account.

More Post-edit: I hope we could login with our same password as we use for before but currently that is not working for me.

In fact the password is set by our ldap, so in order to have write access to wiki, you need to have an account on our ldap first, then have write access.

So in fact the issue is more that reset password should not be visible from here at all, but the wikijs software is still very fresh.

If you want the same password, then change it in your ldap account management :slight_smile:

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Where is openmandriva’s ldap? I probably should set up an ldap account first.

I’ve replied to your pm with, I hope, all info needed.

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the accounts that were created on the old platform were transferred ?

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Hi Herde :slight_smile:

No, we start from scratch with a new ldap central account (not yet propagated everywhere though) I did not import from mediawiki because it was a real mess there.

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact me in private.


With @raphael’s help I figured out how to login. All seems to be working well.

Users do not need to login to read wiki pages.

I like the new OM wiki. :heart: