New look of blog


Yes I know but wanted to show the path, not really to provide a link :wink:


Sorry, I did some wrong manipulations …

In fact it’s four spaces, after a blank line, like this:
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I wonder if we shouldn’t have these discussions world readable, so people see we’re working :slight_smile:

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Let me think.

Ok, just wanted to check if there was many offtopics (usually mine :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Well I see Y’all hard art work. :eyeglasses: The forum has had a lot of improvement too. Much appreciated here. The blog, forum, all of it. :sparkles: :boom: :heart:


I have added them so they are visible in blog posts…
I am not sure this is the best place, wdyt?

Thank you @ben79 :smiley_cat:

?? Why?

Just not sure, I wondered if best practice is before or after content…

But if you agree with it, it’s ok for me :ghost:



Wow! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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:slight_smile: I’ll try to center a little better text, to images.

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Good! :triumph:

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Move this topic to Workshop ?

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Yes then!

Did you directly change the picture here ?

Yes: I downloaded this one, and uploaded it to

Yes, it seems there is no way to it from the admin interface. I tried last week but didn’t find anything related.

. Do we have a Search field at ?
I may miss something obvious, sorry I don’t find it :stuck_out_tongue:

. Link Release Notes and Errata (if we had a 3.02 Errata wiki page…) should be updated.

. Just created Join and Contribute to OpenMandriva Project
needing of a double check and some bits fixed, like the contact email (contact @ and/or council @). I did not linked, waiting for ensurement that email address will be protected.

. website Join, contribute page has not a direct link from homepage, wdyt to put a link it in top menu? (request for opinions)



join button on desktop: should redirect to a welcome page (in the forum) that give indications on how to join (community, teams, …)

Or the join/contribute web page (?)

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