New look of blog

The blog is ready,

I just have to remove the fake articles and link to the real forum, when we’re ready. I wonder if we should not write a post about all the changes (new blog, new ml) and telling where to find the archives?

About the new blog itself, I think I’ll discover some glitches sometimes but I’ll fix it. Also I’ll add quickly an elegant possibility to make translations, without giving the feeling that translations are lacking :slight_smile:


It could be the subject of next blog post then :wink:
If/when our devs have something to share, we can do next time.

Well, more than translations we lack of translators currently, I’m afraid :smile:

Right, it’s why I imagined a different solution letting alternative version of post being possible, but not mandatory (if there is no version, there will be no link leading to missing translation)

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Once the comments are linked to forum, we can add there a call for translators (imho more friendly as it will not be included in the announcement text. Or you believe we should?).

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I did not think about, but I like your vision, I think it’s better to keep simple announces and animate the forum :slight_smile:

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Do you think we should have a redirect from Blog to (new) News ?
Also RSS feed needs proper setting :slight_smile:
Missing also social icons/links.
What content in FAQ?

Yes, I was waiting a little. But I have blocked comments there, and I’ll transform the blog into pure static html.

In fact, RSS for having only English news is OpenMandriva--- -

Right, at the bottom?

Good question, this one should be in FAQ :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, sure :wink:
Just thinking about many people have the blog web address and 99% will not see and follow the link in the last article :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I know it’s still early, only putting into to-do notes =)
PS> What will happen with blog feed?

Yes, like you see here - more or less…

\News - OpenMandriva
the RSS feed gives

Asked because it’s among main links, and shows only an empty page FAQ coming soon…
If I know what to write there I’m willing to do.

I can try to make a permalink to the new feed, not sure how easy it is though…[quote=“rugyada, post:28, topic:1031”]
Yes, like you see here - more or less…

OK I do it asap

Yes I need to change this

Don’t hesitate! :smiley_cat::ghost:
You can do it here, I guess we could :cherries: pick (it’s the season!) from other faq from wiki.

About this picture (from the message to which I reply):

If you make different version of it (christmas etc) we can make temporary themes based on it. It’ll automatically change the header of all blog articles (unless they have a custom picture)

Need to look for the source. It should be… somewhere… in my archives :eyes:

Here’s an FAQ question for sure:

Where are nVidia drivers for latest kernels?


I am on it, also I try to add share buttons at the bottom of blog posts


I realize that date and authors are lacking too :smiley: I add them this afternoon.


Ok, found this 2 pages OMA FAQ and DISTRO FAQ.

I’m not sure if DISTRO FAQ (also rather obsolete) is what we want in FAQs.
On the other hand OMA FAQ is not a sort of double of other content like About and such ?

Maybe for now we should simply put there some trivial Q & A, just to not let the page empty.

Fully OFFTOPIC here (I know… sorry :slight_smile: )
Any way to change the Documentation icon in bugzilla home?


It shoul be here afaics ../../skins/standard/index/help.png


Yes, indeed better, I don’t really remember how to change it, need to dive again in it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Both are done :dizzy::balloon:



I guess you should look for /skins folder in the root of OMA bugzilla.
I think also that could be better to backup our own icons, in view of any bugzilla update (better to be safe?)

Hi rugyada, there is no need to use an anti-slash before the url, a simple space works also:

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