Mirror error - lib64qt5svg5 - report issue to maintainer

dnf had an issue updating this package from the Cooker repository today. The error indicated the server data was inconsistent and directed to report the issue to the maintainer.

dnf otherwise appeared to install it and remove the old version without further issue.

If you see something like this you probably caught the system while some publishing was in progress. Wait a bit and try again. This is common in Cooker where there are many days where hundreds of packages are published.

I updated an x86_64 Cooker VM about 2 hours ago with no errors. So I believe that makes this “fixed”?

That package was included in the upgrade:

2022-08-24T13:24:32-0500 DEBUG Upgraded: lib64qt5svg5-5.15.5-2.x86_64

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It already downloaded the package when the mirror error appeared, so I guess there was no way to prevent its installation at that point. But based on the output, it appeared to have otherwise successfully installed, but I will use dnf to reinstall it.

That’s the fix :slight_smile: