Mirrorbits server crashes sometimes

It is true that the current server for our Mirrorbits crashes sometimes. When this happens what you will see is dnf taking long time to download repo information. If you see this let us know and someone will restart server as soon as we are able. (Link for Mirrorstats). It tends to be faster to let us know at OpenMandriva matrix channel. (OpenMandriva matrix channels are bridged with Telegram and Libera.chat)

We do the best we can to watch this. There are plans to add a new server in new location that will be more reliable. Projects like that take time when everyone involved is unpaid, part time, volunteer.

Folks using OMLx are encouraged to donate money, or time and knowledge. Everyone in the group of contributors is donating their time, knowledge, and money to this project.

How are the OpenMandriva channels accessed from libera.chat?

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Join #openmandriva-cooker on libera.chat. That one seems working most of the time.

The #openmandriva channel works only one way sometimes. At least that is what I have seen recently.

To be honest for reliability I use a matrix client. I never have used Telegram but don’t recall hearing problems about that bridging. libera-chat has been more problematic to keep bridge working.

My only experience with libera.chat has been through the built-in IRC client with Thunderbird. No issues with it.

As far as I know Libera.chat works as well or better then Freenode did before Freenode imploded.

What I know is that OM contributor group is using Matrix and that works very well. I certainly do not understand all about Matrix and I have had times where I had difficulty figuring out how to get my account to work. But once I did it has been as easy to use as IRC was. I probably went through a learning curve with IRC a long time ago also. Over time I have gotten used to the more graphical aspect of Matrix as opposed to IRC. Maybe I even like that better.

I do not wish to say to much about difficulties we have with bridging our Libera.chat channels with our Matrix channels because I do not really know much about.

I was in #openmandriva-cooker, but no one else was.

Just updated one of the VirtualBoxes and the response via dnf was slow for most of the main Cooker repo, but was fast for Unsupported and Non-Free:

OpenMandriva Cooker - x86_64                    545 kB/s |  30 MB     00:56
OpenMandriva Cooker - Unsupported - x86_64      4.0 MB/s | 9.7 MB     00:02
OpenMandriva Cooker - Non-free - x86_64          25 kB/s | 108 kB     00:04
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:01 ago on Thu 25 Aug 2022 11:37:41 AM EDT.

Main OpenMandriva Cooker was fast for about the first 40% of the download, then the rest of it was extremely slow.

EDT = Eastern U.S.

Do not know cause of what you saw. When I checked the Mirrorbits server it was running.

OK. I don’t know the location of the server it’s reaching, but the vast majority of the time, the repo info downloads are very fast. It could be that it was receiving a lot of traffic at the same time.

Re Matrix, I’ll figure it out. :slight_smile: