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I was looking forward to LX 4.3 to use for my business. After installation I immediately setup the default email client KMail. It filtered the first batch as setup but not only were the filtered emails not deleted as instructed in the filter settings it is also impossible to delete them manually. Checking online loads of others with the same problem. Unfortunately back to my previous distro.

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I don’t use kmail so I can not help. I recommend filing a bug report. You can also pass this along directly to developers on IRC.

I will also pass this along to developers myself.

I do not think OpenMandriva Lx has enough users for this to mean “loads of OM Lx users”, thus this indicates an upstream problem with kmail. If you could point us to what exactly you are talking about that may help to get to resolution of this problem.

Also helpful would be a description of the problem so someone can try to reproduce it.


When you setup up a mail filter using the ‘From’ option and ‘Delete’ as the instruction KMail does not delete mails coming from the assigned addresses. Instead they remain frozen in the inbox since you cannot delete them manually either.

Thanks for the assistance. It was just a bit disappointing considering KMail is the default app and I don’t like filling up the system with third party alternatives. Of the acceptable options Evolution does not show an incoming mail count unless it’s left open in the full task manager as opposed to the icons only version. Some distros have additional plugins for Evolution that do show a number count on the icon but I can’t find this for OM. My least preferred would be Thunderbird but I can’t see a ‘Birdtray’ app for OM either.

I can maybe help you with with this. Are you using pop or imap?

There are two accounts - both POP.

Ok, is it possible for you to avoid POP and use IMAp instead?
If you have large amounts of mail in POP accounts you are likely to have trouble. This is an upstream issue which has been going on for years. I have constantly reported issues upstream for this as have many others but the kmail maintainers seem unable to get to the root of the issue.
That said I have been using POP ever since kmail2 was released and have learnt how to deal with the issues that arise, kmail is very powerful so I have stuck with it. I can guide you through how to get the best out of it with the minimum (but not no) maintenance.
The first this you will need to do is to not use sqlite3 as the database as it’s not suitable for large quantities of mail you will need to use postgresql although mariadb does work I have found it to be quite slow for certaim maintenance operations. Should you decide to stick with kmail and POP let me know and I’ll guide you through the setup. Otherwise I would recommend thunderbird which is in our repositories.

Thanks again for taking the time.

For business purposes I need a permanent indication on the desktop that new mail is waiting to be read. This I can have with KMail by default. If I had a choice I’d use Evolution instead but the ‘evolution-plugins’ package that provides this function for Debian is not (to the best of my knowledge) available for OM.

For now I’ll install OM on a spare machine, switch my accounts to IMAP and see if the filters I set for KMail work as instructed.

Not a problem; Please let me know if you still have troubles with your filters. It may just be a setup thing as filters are working fine here. I’ll ask our Gnome maintainer whether he can do anything about that plugins package as Gnome is available from the OM repos.

Me again, I looked into the mail notifier plugin for you. We do package it; it’s in the evolution rpm, we don’t package the standard plugins separately so if you wish to use the evolution mailer please feel free.

Thanks again your help is much appreciated.

Referring back to your last post now that I’ve had time to look at this myself there still seems to be something missing. The list of plugins and how they can be configured looks to be identical to the Evolution on my Debian system but only the latter puts a ‘new mail’ numerical indicator on the task manager icon. All I can get from the OM version is the standard popup visual (and sound notification if configured) which then disappears, so no permanent notification. The OM task manager entry will show an unread number but only as a line of text and obviously not if the ‘icons only’ version which I prefer is being used.

Hi. Just added birdtray to repository,
It is available in:

So if you use 4.3 release, you need enable testing repository first.

Many thanks. Much appreciated.

I guess we will have to try and find the source for the extra plugins that Debian ship. I have a few other things on my plate at the moment but I’ll try and sort it in the next few days.

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This is the file list for the AMD64 architecture package.

If you look in /usr/lib64/evolution/plugins/ on your system you will find all the plugins listed in the Debian package file list (plus a few extra) listed there. I have looked inside the actual rpm package to check that they are there. If they are not in that directory then maybe there is a package that you do not have installed; if that’s the case " sudo dnf install evolution" should fix the issue. Another possibility is that maybe they patch the notifier to make the notifications persistant?
Could it possibly be this you are thinking of?

Indeed. It does look like evolution-tray might be the culprit.

Hi, me again did you build evolution-tray? Did it work? If it was ok I’m thinking it may be worth including in our evolution build.