Kernel packages for OM Lx users

Basically the kernels available for OM Lx 4.2 and Rolling users are:

Compiled with gcc

kernel-release-desktop (Linux Kernel for desktop use)
kernel-release-desktop-devel (The kernel-devel files for kernel-release-desktop)

kernel-release-server (Linux Kernel for server use)
kernel-release-server-devel (The kernel-devel files for kernel-release-server)

Compiled with clang

kernel-release-desktop-clang (Clang-built Linux Kernel for desktop use)
kernel-release-desktop-clang-devel (The kernel-devel files for kernel-release-desktop-clang)

kernel-release-server-clang (Clang-built Linux Kernel for server use)
kernel-release-server-clang-devel (The kernel-devel files for kernel-release-server-clang)

There is also this package:

kernel-release-headers (Linux kernel header files mostly used by your C library) (Works with all kernel versions)

kernel-release-desktop is the default installed with OM Lx 4.2 and Rolling. This may or may not change for OM Lx 4.3 or OM Lx 5.0 release. Most users only need the one package kernel-release-desktop.

We really would like for users to install and use kernel-release-desktop-clang or kernel-release-server-clang for real world user testing. You would have the other kernel version as backup if there were any problem. Contributors and developers testing these so far report the clang compiled kernels work just fine.

If you should encounter any issues just reboot into your previous kernel. Then report issue to us here in a descriptive thread in English/Support forum, Or on IRC.

Note: For most users the kernel devel or kernel headers packages are only used if you install certain software that requires these. There is no advantage to installing them unless you install software that requires them.

To determine exactly what kernel version you are using run this in Konsole(terminal):

$ uname -a

To see which kernel packages are installed run this in Konsole:

$ rpm -qa | grep kernel

Example from OM Lx 4.2 x86_64 system:

$ rpm -qa | grep kernel


kernel-firmware (Linux kernel firmware files)
kernel-firmware-extra (Extra linux kernel firmware files)

To find which kernel packages are available you can use dnf search.

$ dnf search kernel

or more specific:

$ dnf search kernel-release-desktop