Is gcc compiler updated during life of a release?

my impression is OpenMandriva is a fixed release, meaning only bug fixes are issued in updates.
I have seen with other distros that class themselves as fixed, they came out with version x.y.z of gcc.
In some, only the last digit z of version seems to increment, but others the second digit y goes up.
What will happen in OpenMandriva?

Generally for our stable OM Lx release we do not upgrade tool-chain packages. We do upgrade kernels to a limited extent.

We are hoping to announce our Rolling branch of OM Lx for users desiring of more up to date packages soon. For now Rolling is labeled as experimental but in my experience as a OM Lx tester it works pretty well.

From this OM wiki page:

  • Rolling

Rolling release is still in development and not officially announced.
At present entire Rolling release is in testing stage and not yet ready for production use.

Rolling is where developers take packages when they believe they are ready for use.
Rolling is, as its name implies, a rolling release and will have the most up to date packages practical.
It is designed to be a working, usable system. Rolling users need to be able to handle some problem solving on their own as with any “bleeding edge” release. Also Rolling users should be familiar with and able to use the command line or terminal (Konsole) at times.