GZDoom isn't installing, as well as other issues

Hello, I’ve been running ROME for about 2 days, been smitten by the project and wanted to keep the stability of the RPM infrastructure without having to rely on anything Red Hat (i also didn’t have the best experience with OpenSUSE so yeah). In these 2 days I’ve noticed that Trying to update normally isn’t good, first and foremost because it talks about conflicts between System repos and Rolling repos, so i’ve basically just trusted Distro Sync from dnfdrake after i searched on the forums a bit.

But aside this i noticed that Gzdoom, an Unsupported package (as in inside the unsupported repo) cannot install, had to make do with flatpak.

  • OpenMandriva Lx version:
    ROME - Latest

  • Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…):

  • Description of the issue (screenshots if relevant):
    Gzdoom dependencies are eithe broken or the Gzdoom package is broken.
    Posted this issues also on github. And if it is at all important, the dnf update command talks about conflicts between repos, almost ended up uninstalling the packages in conflict but searched it up and learned of Distro-Sync.

  • Relevant informations (hardware involved, software version, logs or output…):
    Here’s my log of the terminal for the GZdoom problem: Log
    And here is the log for the update problem: Log update
    Currently on a Samsung NP300E5M.

See this post.

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gzdoom should be fixed now with with gzdoom-4.10.0-2. Fixed by @bero.


It worked perfectly, thanks @bero !