Flash-player-plugin and flash-player-plugin-kde can't be installed


  • _OpenMandriva Lx version: 3.03

  • _Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…): KDE

  • _Description of the issue (screenshots if relevant):
    The flash-player-plugin and flash-player-plugin-kde packages in the 3.03 repository seems to be to old and refuse to install.

  • Relevant informations (hardware involved, software version, logs or output…):

# urpmi flash-player-plugin

Error: Unable to download Flash Player. This is likely due to this package
being too old. Please file a bug report at https://issues.openmandriva.org
so that the package gets updated. Thank you.


What about downloading directly from the website of Adobe? Maybe it will work?



Thanks for the tip. It is very likely this would work since the OM packages is a script that downloads the package from Adobe web site.

your welcome :slight_smile: Would be great to know if it works.

Thanks for reporting.

That is probably correct. I think @Colin is usually the person that updates this package. Colin is away for a week of so. I’ll mention this on IRC and we’ll see if anyone else is able to do this. If not it may be a week or two until this is dealt with.

And a hearty welcome to OpenMandriva forum @andi89gi.

thx ben79 :slight_smile: for welcoming here.

As you may have read I would like participate in development/QA :wink:

Someway related??

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Related to the OP’s issue.
(Or maybe not…)

I think the only thing to do is just update version and sha256sums here for new upstream flash-player-plugin/flash-player-plugin.spec at master · OpenMandrivaAssociation/flash-player-plugin · GitHub

and build package in abf.

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Okay well than someone could do this maybe?
I am not familiar in ABF - maybe anybody could explain me how to use it?

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BlockquoteRelated to the OP’s issue.
(Or maybe not…)

ah okay :wink:

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Andi we have something in ABF for beginners category.
Some of ours packagers/devs may mentor you, currently devs are very busy with fixing packages and mass rebuild(s) though.

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Thx a lot for ABF for beginners;) I will have a look right now.
It would be great if our packagers/devs would mentor me.
Ok - it is a lot to do as I see on the link you sent.

Btw - Are there any other users or devs/packagers from Germany? Would be interesting.

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Post-edit: These are all regarding two issues.

  1. Often our flash-player package does not get updated until someone reports that it is out of date.

  2. We don’t yet have an effective way to automatically update packages like flash-player. This issue also pertains to kernel module packages like nVidia drivers. And probably one or a few other packages. Some like nVidia drivers may not be possible to automate.

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Yes. Or almost. Gabriel Craciunescu aka: crazy lives in Germany but I believe is from Romania. Bernhard Rosenkranzer aka: bero is from and lives in Switzerland and I believe is a German speaker. bero is also a member of the OMA council. And apologies if I left anyone out.


Yep, and you are hereby nominated.


Ahhh :confused: … done, should be fixed :slight_smile:

Packages in non-free/testing repo. Check it.


Thanks, apologies if I was imposing on your time. I meant the nominating thing partly at least in humor.

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