Experimenting with nextcloud


  • OpenMandriva Lx version: 3.03

  • Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…): KDE

  • Description of the issue (screenshots if relevant): I installed nextcloud 11.0.3 from the repository in order to get a taste of it. (The comments on the net are very promising). The installation went error less, but I can’t get it started. Is there information available on how to configure and use it? Is the installation tuned for the mandriva environment, meaning will the internal nextcloud scripts to upgrade it to a higher version still work?


Most of that can be found with an internet search:

List of search engines - Wikipedia

Hint: https://nextcloud.com Support – Nextcloud

General-Hint: OpenMandriva does not have the best documentation in Linux. We rely on documentation provided by others in our Linux/GNU world. This is not because no one cares it is because we don’t have enough contributors to do everything as we would like to. You can find multiple instances of me using Fedora or Arch Linux wiki and/or documentation thorough out this forum. I find that stuff with an internet search so Y’all can do it too.

And that being said and I hope taken as intended as helpful suggestion for all users we do have users that use nextcloud so if any of you can help out that would be awesome too. I don’t use it so am no help in terms of first hand experience.

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@vhelmont what do you mean by “can’t get it started”? at which state?

I really suggest you to install using nextcloud from official package or docker image. (docker get my favor, but not everyone like it)

Hello Raphael,

Following the documentation on the net, nextcloud can be started by pointing your web browser to http://localhost/nextcloud. By doing that I get the message “Unable to connect”.

Also in the documentation it is mentioned that nextcloud uses mariadb. When I look in MCC the mariadb daemon is stopped.
Question: Must this daemon run all the time or is it started by nextcloud when needed?

Nextcloud also uses apache2 but I can’t find an apache2 daemon in MCC or does this daemon has a different name.

I also noticed that the repository version (11) is a little behind on the most recent version (14). But I was a little bit lazy, hoping that installing the repository version would find out and install also the dependent packages.

Do I understand you correctly an do you suggest that I install the latest nextcloud release from its home directory?


I think Apache is not running.

I can’t check right now, as soon as I can I’ll will.

In Red Hat family, the daemon is called httpd (and the associated user/group is apache) while in Debian family it’s called apache2 (user/group is www-data)

Generally, it’s not easy to maintain this kind of package, better follow the official website.

Yes, for all CMS, or big web apps, you can rely with no problem on httpd/nginx/php-fpm packages of the distro, but the application by itself should better been installed following recommended process from the home website.

Hello Raphael,

You were right the httpd-prefork service was not running. After I started it via MCC, I get the nextcloud configuration page when I point my browser to http://localhost/nextcloud .

I’ll keep you informed about my progress.


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Anyway not better use ownCloud? Nextcloud is just fork of it - so both are very similar.
Also NextCloud in OpenMandriva repository was the last time updated more than one year ago… but ownCloud is still updates to latest stable version.
For now we have owncloud 10.0.9 in repo (previous stable) but latest stable version ownCloud 10.0.10 it’s already in main/testing repos.
Worth to add OpenMandriva not provide desktop client for nextcloud but provide desktop client for owncloud.
So I think the suggested solution for OpenMandriva would be to use owncloud.

Honestly, I don’t have enough information to say which one is the best… I liked the fact Nextcloud is fully community driven, but have nothing against ownCloud (which I used in the past)

Great :slight_smile: Please can you mark as solution the post that helped you?

Hello AngryPenguin,

At first I played also with the idea to use ownCloud, but after some digging on the net I came to the conclusion for myself that nextCloud is the way to go.

In one article I found they compared ownCloud with OpenOffice and nextCloud with LibreOffice.

For what it is worth: The conclusion of the article was that ownCloud is losing momentum and nextCloud is picking up momentum.


Well, I dont know which solution is better. Personally, I have not tested Nextcloud but still use ownCloud (client).
I do not know which one is better and I will not speak here.

I’m just saying that ownCloud is updated in OpenMandriva, while Nextcloud remains in the old version (more than one year). A desktop client is available in the adder, and there is no client in OpenMandriva for Nextcloud.

So if you want use Nextcloud - then better use package from other source than openmandriva repo or compile it from source.
or make package update request :grinning:

PS. quick compare

by the way :

[root@blackysgate mirror]# less /etc/httpd/conf/webapps.d/nextcloud.conf
# nextcloud configuration
Alias /nextcloud /srv/nextcloud
<Directory /srv/nextcloud>
    DirectoryIndex index.html index.php
    AllowOverride All
    Options FollowSymlinks
    Require all granted
    Header always set Strict-Transport-Security "max-age=31556926; includeSubDomains; preload"
    Header always set Referrer-Policy "no-referrer"
[root@blackysgate mirror]# 

my theme :
PHP File Mirror

best regards


When I try to check the presence of some needed php modules for nextcloud the following php error is displayed:

$ php -m |grep ctype
PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘mcrypt.so’ (tried: /usr/lib64/php/extensions/mcrypt.so (/usr/lib64/php/extensions/mcrypt.so: undefined symbol: spprintf), /usr/lib64/php/extensions/mcrypt.so.so (/usr/lib64/php/extensions/mcrypt.so.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)) in Unknown on line 0

Is it possible to fix this php error, I don’t think it is related to the nextcloud package?


$ php -m | grep ctype
WARNING: Output redirection is detected, I will not be able to ask you questions
 Command 'php' can be found in:
    package 'php-cli' (main)
 You can install it by typing:
    urpmi php-cli

$ sudo urpmi php-cli
Proceed with the installation of the 21 packages? (Y/n) Y

$ php -m | grep ctype

it is mended , still dependency into :
thank you very much Colin on this place !
it’s the rest of the shooters feast ( an german idiomatic :wink: )
also fixed Colin ? task-lamp-php-2015.0-4-omv2015.0.noarch
(because missing of php-mcrypt)
You can help Albert in https://issues.openmandriva.org/

best regards


On my system php-cli is installed nevertheless I get the error that Ben doesn’t get.
mcrypt.so is installed on my system via the packages “php-mcrypt 7.0.9” and “lib64mcrypt4 2.5.8”

Blackcrack do I understand you right, is mcrypt.so not used anymore and do I have to install an updated php environment. How do I do that?


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Um… I’m not sure why I’m not getting the error or if what I did really means there is not a problem. My test was literally quick and no more than what I posted.

Hello Ben,

Do you have the packages “php-mcrypt 7.0.9” and “lib64mcrypt4 2.5.8” on your system. Perhaps they are the cause, I’m not sure but they could be installed by the old nexcloud 11.


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No, I have no packages with mcrypt in their name. Here’s what php packages I do have:

    $ rpm -qa | grep php