Download OMLx version 3.03

Hello guys,

  • _OpenMandriva Lx version:_3.03

Where can I download the current image of OP? I tried to use the mirrors or ABF, but without success.

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The following are the most recent ISO’s and are technically for testing but they work:

Let us know if you have success or still have difficulties.


I will try it with the offical image iso - unfortunatly it was not succesful installing OP :frowning:

What is OP?

OP = OM = OpenMandriva :interrobang: :thinking:

:smiley: ah sry OPM = OpenMandriva

I mean OPM = OpenMandriva

We call it OM or OMA for the association or OMV for the distro. But I prefer just OM.

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Well, you may read sometimes (or often) OMV, however the correct short name for the distro is: OMLx :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah okay hehe OMV :smiley:
good to know - than I use OM :wink:

OPM is a my own creation hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

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What @rugyada said is actually most correct. OpenMandriva has had issues with confusion around naming. The distro correctly is OMLx followed by version number. I’d prefer people drop use of OMV and just use OM for shorthand. That’s my preference.


Yes, I see the point @ben79. I fully agree to you. OM is my personal favourite

OMV, OMDV, omv, omdv, all them are a reminiscence of good old mandriva time, very usually shortened in “mdv
:woman_student: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ah good to know :slight_smile: Well, unfortunatly I didn’t use Mandriva before and thus I don’t have an impression how the distro was hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, I took the liberty of modifying the thread title from OP to OMLx to remove confusion for other readers.

Now back to the purpose of this thread were you yet able to download and install OMLx 3.03?

Note: This information is for all users.

OMLx 3.0, 3.01. 3.02, and 3.03 are all properly called OMLx 3 for problem solving purposes. Basically when problem solving I prefer to be working with “OMLx 3 fully updated” doesn’t matter which ISO you originally installed from if fully updated we all should be working with the same basics.

There are one set of repositories called 3.0 (the development branch repos are called cooker). The different versions listed are all OMLx 3 with the latest packages at the time of each release. Thus ISO’s labeled Lx 3.03 are the most recent and OMLx 3.03 Plasma x86_64 ISO build # 1915 is the absolute most recent OMLx 3 ISO. (Our ISO’s are identified by version #, arch, and build #).

ok, yes of course! :slight_smile:

I am able to download OM 3.03 - but my main problem is with the installation: my harddrive couldn’t be formated to clean the disk from the old distro.

The Calamares installer doesn’t show you the option to erase entire disk ?

Calamares shows me 3 opitons: a) erase complete disk, b) create a new partition beyond the first, c) create partitions on my own
–> but if I choose a) there is an error "mfks… couldn’t formate dev/sda/ …because it is on use.

In “Live mode” or in “Install OpenMandriva…” mode?
(first or second entry in DVD main menu)

in both modes - I use an USB