Disturbing discovery regarding Discover


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Rock/Lx 4.1

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Today I attempted to test Discover in response to an issue reported here.

Unfortunately I discovered something more disturbing with Discover. We can see in the screen-shots above that In a fresh install of “OpenMandrivaLx.4.1-2020.05-plasma.x86_64.iso” after first boot Discover reports “Up to date” whereas in Konsole “dnf upgrade” shows 38 packages to update and 1 to install as a dependency.

I use dnfdragora occasionally to search for software and I use Discover for nothing because I long ago lost trust in it. I only use Discover when I am testing it.

While we do provide dnfdragora and Discover at user request we recommend that users do package management transactions from terminal (Konsole) with dnf.

Discover uses packagekit (pkcon) and sometimes it needs to be forced to update itself to latest information in the repository metadata. This is command for that:

$ pkcon refresh force

discover-notifier is actual package name for the Discover notifier utility. You can remove it if you wish.

It is recommended to use discover-notifier only to notify user of packages to upgrade and then to do the actual transaction from terminal (Konsole).

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