[cooker] TC Meeting 05-06-2019 17:00 CEST 16:00 GMT


1. Report: ABF, cooker
2. Lx4 GA release issues/progress/ETA
3. Mirror manager issues/progress/ETA
4. Repository Policies
5. Maintenance of Rolling after release: Procedure for QA to manage packages
6. 4.1 release plan, workflow, milestones
7. EOL of OMLx3
8. Selling USB sticks with OMLx
9. Non-Plasma releases of 4.0: now, later, or wait for 4.1
10. AIB
11. AOB

Hi Christina,
I am away on holiday with my family this week so I won’t be able to chair the meeting. Hopefully someone else will do the job.

Back next week.



Colin Close


Hi Colin,
thank you for the notice. Have a good holiday time.

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