TC Meeting 2019-06-05 report

Full log

Agreements and Shares:

– Repository rules will go into effect
– Rolling and 4.0 will be locked down to require reviews before committing as soon as the release is done
– Cooker will remain unlocked for now, but may get similar lockdowns on key packages if people don’t show common sense
– We need a better tool for QA to move things between rolling/testing and rolling/release and 4.0/testing and 4.0/updates
– Get krita 4.2.1 and curl 7.65.1 in, and release
– 3.0x will be EOL 1 week after the 4.0 release - users should update quickly

I really don’t agree one EOLing 3.0 1 week after 4.0, its far too short a time.

as i’m the only one who really publishes any updates for 3.0 it would be nice to have been asked this.

also given the fact that publishing to 3.0 has now been disabled anyway for some stupid reason, it makes the decision here completely pointless anyway as someone has just overridden this.


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Good morning @crisb

EOL of OMLx3 has been agenda topic for the last 2 meetings

You may not be aware or fully up2date.
The issue just happened. Nobody decided, and no stupid reasons.
Quoting from cooker IRC channel:

3.0 publishing not available now, will fix it later, not a primary target

Hope this helps.

not what i heard…

19:29 < crisb> publishing to 3.0 seems broken, saying /usr/bin/genhdlist2 not found
20:05 < fdrt> crisb yes disabled
20:05 < fdrt> crisb what you need to publish?
21:42 < crisb> fdrt: firefox, why is it disabled?!

no response…

also i checked the logs of the meetings, the first time it was brought up nothing was said, second time its arbitrarily decided. it should have been at least brought up on forum for, you know, actual users of 3.0 to put their point…

also, fixing publishing of the still current release packages not being a priority is just wrong…

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Started here, a few days ago:


Anyway, for all your doubts and/or comments please talk with @bero and @fedya.