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You should stop watching the cooker category and make it silent, to avoid receiving messages twice.

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You should stop watching the cooker category and make it silent, to avoid receiving messages twice.

Not the point. If one has something they care a great deal about and want to get across to other people how things look matters. If you could make the Cooker read only forum render things like they do in text e-mails that would be awesome and would make sense and work for me.

As far as transparency that is or should be a non issue. People can read the ML archives if they want to know what is going on. I've been doing exactly that for many years. So the forum category is just a lousy substitute for reading the ML archives and an unnecessary irritant.

Or if it is really that important to decide this afternoon CEST then I can save myself some time and not do anymore testing...

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This is the kind of crap I'm talking about. I swear I sent my e-mail to this thread Re: [cooker] 4.0 final candidate -- UI issues. But in the forum it shows up in another thread. WTF is happening???

I'm really busy try to test and get ready for final release and don't have time for this. This is just horrible.

People have some options:
For those subscribed to cooker mailing list just use the mailing list.
Nothing to do with the forum, only read and write emails as usual.
Then you may want to unsubscribe from the category: go to and mute/stop watching/disable notifications.

That’s exactly what I did btw =)

For those who are not subscribed to cooker mailing list instead, they may like to read by means of a friendly interface what happens on development side. So they will be able to read easily the archive forum category .

fwiw, another advantage of the forum is that you can share a link to a discussion or even to a specific comment.

Finally, we agreed once to keep as much as possible everything in the same place (for good reasons).
The cooker category worked just fine as it was, here. The ML discussions are very few now just like they were before (if not less). Yet another good reason for NOT to create a basically useless “true” mailing list. So it turned out as a non-improvement but rather an “asking for troubles” feature.
Nevertheless everything is done with the good intention to provide what is needed for the best.
I would have much more to say on the subject but I’d rather keep it for myself :roll_eyes:

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No, that does not work for me.

I’m was aware of everything you wrote already. If there is a need to mute the forum category that is a sign it should not need exist. If people want transparency they can read the ML archives.

I’m leaning towards unsubscribing from Cooker ML and neither using nor reading it.

The new topic is made by me for continuing the discussion elsewhere without pollution.

For the forum, I think it’s the best we can do.

If there is a need to mute the forum category that is a sign it should not need exist

Personnally, I read the forum but not the ML. I just don’t participate as I don’t like ML but at least I can follow.

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I have said enough on this. As long as it is configured as it is now I can’t and won’t use it.

Let me try saying this a different way.

I either have control over what I write or I don’t. The way Y’all have this set up I do not have control over how my writing ends up when it goes to Cooker Forum. That offends me. It is wrong. It upsets me to high heaven. I can’t stand it. It bothers me psychologically. I could go on with how much I simply can not tolerate this.

However no one else seems to even see this the same way I do so is not a logical solution that I simply don’t use the Cooker ML as long as I don’t have control over how my writing ends up? Seems so to me.


In fact we need to fill 3 needs:

  • keep cooker conversations visible in forum (decided at a TC meeting)
  • have cooker set as a ML as there are needs to CC people outside the forum.
  • keep reply by email (and create topics by email) feature stay the same for other categories.

The confusion comes from notifications sent by discourse.
If you reply by email to a notification sent by discourse, it will add the reply in forum but not to the ML. The ideal would be to remove reply by email in cooker category only, but for now it’s not possible, so the only possible thing is to ask people who subscribed to cooker ML to remove watching (if they have set this option) and even mute if they have activated the “mailing list” feature (in user settings), so they are not confused with two messages, one from the ML and one from discourse.

The "mailing list” feature is this (screenshot for a mobile)

Note that if someone did not activate neither «watch» nor «mailing list» feature, nothing will have to be done. It’s unconvenient for people who set the mailing list feature, I try to improve this…

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I don’t see Mailing list mode where is it?

What you write is all wonderful but does not address my concern one bit.

To address my concern you would need to restore the ability to edit posts in Cooker category.

If I have a problem with what is in my e-mail to the ML I would send another e-mail not a problem there.

If I only have a problem with how my post comes out on Cooker Forum category I need to be able to change it. ie. edit my post just like in any other forum category.

Since the only problem is with how it appears on forum there would be no need to send another e-mail to the mailing list.

Post-edit: Or possibly a better solution than the above is to force Cooker forum to display Cooker ML messages strictly in plain text format. It needs to be an exact rendering of the ML or it needs to have edit function restored IMO.

Sorry then, I totally missed the point, then.
Let me check what I can do.


Where is this? Am I not seeing it because Cooker forum is muted? (Muted since long time.)

It’s in user settings. (user > preferences > email)


I found a way but it’ll add you a layer of complexity: the «reply» button will appear in cooker category, you just need to ignore it in this category (or you’ll reply to the post and your reply will appear in forum but not in ML)

Unfortunately one can’t get edit rights without having reply button. Is it OK for you @ben79?

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Well if It adds an edit function OK with me yes, but we will inevitably have certain people that will reply in forum. Which I fear would ruin it for everyone else.

This all looks exactly like a group of people stubbornly trying to cobble two things together that simply don’t belong together. There is nothing wrong with OpenMandriva occasionally using things in a tried and true, known to work way, instead of us having to continually reinvent the wheel with limited resources. (IMO).

And for the life of me I have no idea why it so burning in importance that this information appears in the forum anyway. Would be nice if it worked well, but it doesn’t, and it really is not that important. It isn’t as if the information is a secret, it isn’t. It is right here. Far bigger distros than OM have people reading ML archives instead of some weird hack.

But if Y’all want spend your time on this then God bless you all and I hope you are successful.

IMO a distro that just did a new release has far more important things to be focused on. (Like our users and any new users we may attract.)