Console emulator openmsx missing in repositories


  • OMLx 4.2

  • KDE Plasma

  • Console emulator missing in repositories.

  • Hello. It’s not a issue, it’s simply a doubt/curiosity/personal software need. What’s going on so that the MSX console emulator is missing from all repositories, including missing from any topic on this forum? OpenMSX is found in almost all Linux distributions. The MSX was a console widely used in Europe, Japan, and Brazil. By the way, in the repositories there are emulators for various consoles, even for Atari. How do you feel about that? Thank you if anyone can explain this mystery. Greetings.

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Welcome @apsinfo to OpenMandriva community and OM forum.

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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OpenMandriva Lx is a community distribution of Linux. Things get done when someone in the community decides to do it. I have found that when I want things done I either have to do it myself or ask developers on IRC. There are no employees.

One can make a package request in our Issue Tracker. Select “New Issue” then “Package request”.

Edit: We are always looking for help with packaging. We never seem to have enough volunteers.

I can’t help because I have no experience in Linux, since I’ve always used Redmond’s OS. I just asked out of curiosity. I still find it strange that not even anyone has ever come to ask about it. But I appreciate the attention you’ve given.

The packages you are referring to are probably all in unsupported repository and most of them are probably not maintained. For instance atari800 has not been touched in 7 years. It installs and opens but seems useless without “a real Atari”:

I am not a gamer so I do not know how much interest there is in these emulators.

Well, each type of emulator has its own developer team, which makes the codes available. For example, Atari’s best-known emulator is Stella, which had its latest version released on November 16, 2021. OpenMSX had its latest version 17.0 released in 2021-05-18. So we see that they are not abandoned projects. The codes are open, so this is more a matter of distro’s goodwill in being receptive to requests from those who come from outside and suggests an improvement that can bring in new users, and thus come to support something that is classified for no reason as unsupported. There is always someone interested in supporting or implementing open sources/codes. But not always.

FWIW: This Support forum is mainly users helping other users with problems. I was mainly trying to explain that asking for something like this in this forum is the least effective way to get something actually done. Sometimes it works and we can hope it does for this issue. Post-edit: But a package request in Issue Tracker is a more effective way to do this.

In the context of OpenMandriva repositories unsupported does not really mean unsupported. From OpenMandriva wiki “Release Plan and Repositories”:

  • unsupported

/unsupported represents ‘‘community maintained’’ packages. These are not supported by the core OpenMandriva Lx team, and depend on package maintainers to update it. There are many packages in unsupported that will not install and others that install but do not work properly. Users are welcome to use whatever they find in this repository that is working.

IMO “unsupported” is unfortunate naming.

Users are welcome to try their hand at maintaining packages in unsupported repository. If you are interested ask in the Cooker channel on OpenMandriva IRC.

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In fact, the openmsx emulator is missing. For my part, I will try to add a package with it, but so far I cannot promise 100%. I will let you know when I have any news on this topic.

Another thing we have a lot of emulators in the repository, some I use personally and I’m trying to maintain packages.
As example we have in repos:

  • stella 6.6
  • retroarch 1.10.0,
  • scummvm 2.5.1
  • desmume 0.9.12 git
  • dosbox 0.74.3
  • hatari 2.3.1
    and many more. You can find it in main, unsupported and non-free repos.

Just added OpenMSX 17.0 to Cooker in unsupported repository. For now only basic app without optional “capsule” module.


Thanks @AngryPenguin for creating the package. OpenMSX 17.0 is now published for Rolling, OMLx 4.3, and OMLx 4.2.

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  • Indeed, @AngryPenguin. It was this absence that brought me to question why. Since MSX was the beginning of learning for an entire generation of programmers. Not only this system, but many other 8-bit ones that emerged in the 80’s. I appreciate your effort so you created the package, which will certainly cheer msx veterans, and also contribute to the wider range of OpenMandriva software, a system of which I’m just a simple enthusiast. :slightly_smiling_face:

A brief note: This emulator has a graphical interface called OpenMSX Catapult, which doesn’t always come bundled with the main package. Catapult is a sub-project of openMSX, developed using the tools GitHub freely offers to open source projects. The code is stored in Git, an open source version management system. Catapult is released at every openMSX release.

OpenMandriva is a small group of all part-time, unpaid, volunteer people. As such I can’t guarantee anything especially if I can not do it myself. However if given time requests such as this do tend to be fulfilled eventually.

Also the very small group is hard at work trying to get the next release (OMLx 4.3) done.

Edit: I predict users will find OMLx 4.3 to be considerably better than OMLx 4.2.

Edit-2: Users wishing to have a more continually up to date operating system are advised to try our Rolling release. Fresh installs are always preferred but one can upgrade from an existing OMLx 4.2 system.

Just updated OpenMSX to 18.0 and added also GUI Catapult.
Package is in Cooker. You can check it if you want.

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Great job, cooker @AngryPenguin! Thank you very much! :white_check_mark:

I backported this package to unsupported/testing repos for Rolling and Rock. I do not use emulators so do not know what I am doing as far as testing this. When I try to open this in Rolling I see:

$ openmsx
info: Failed to initialize default machine: Error in "C-BIOS_MSX2+" machine: machines/C-BIOS_MSX2+.xml not found in this context
info: Using fallback machine: C-BIOS_MSX2+
Fatal error: Error in "C-BIOS_MSX2+" machine: machines/C-BIOS_MSX2+.xml not found in this context

This package needs to be tested by users.

Because you need download bios.

Anyway try run from appmenu openmsx-catapult