New Rolling ISO's


Users wishing to have a more continually up to date system should consider OMLx Rolling release. So far Rolling has been reported to be as stable as our Rock releases. Both software and security are enhanced by being more up to date. Users should not ignore the importance of the enhanced security that a more up to date operating system offers in Linux.

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No issue, just an announcement.

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ISO’s for Rolling.

Main containers:

- Plasma rolling x86_64
- Plasma rolling znver1

Latest images:

Plasma desktop x86_64 (Build ID: #1010)
Plasma desktop znver1 (Build ID: #1015)


I have switched Rock to the Rolling version, everything works correctly, I think I’ll stay here.


Thanks for the kind words for Rolling release. I have no doubt that Rolling is substantially better than Rock and I believe the stability is equal.

:arrow_up: Links updated 2022-01-22

After the update I found installed Java 15. In the news i see there is Java 17, but in dnf I can find Java 19. Which is the right rpm to install?

Good question. On a Rolling system installed from ISO 539 (build date Jan. 13) I have:

$ rpm -qa | grep java

The only thing I see that depends on that java package is libreoffice-help-en_US. So basically LibreOffice, but I think LO can use any version from java-15 through 19.

To make things more confusing we have java 1.8.0, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 available. Not sure but I think that is because to have one version of java OM has to also have all the previous versions back to 1.8.0.

Best guess is that unless something complains (issues error message) you can have whatever version you want. Also you can have multiple java versions. I will check in to the further as I have time.

Edit: The rolling system I refered to is fully up to date.

under version znver1 i get a failed install script rpm about pipewire-pulse(audio ?) code 127
( about a script in /var/tmp … that return 127 )

added : i cant post from version OMV , cpu is full 100% under Konsole , only typing very low or move mouse very slow can be done.

Please post (as code) the console full log of the transaction, or the relevant part, including your command.

i have theses errors ( for znver1 )

/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.ESaojI: ligne 19 /usr/lib/rpm/ aucun fichier de ce type 
%postun(pipewire-pulse-0.3.43-2.znver1 scriptlet a échoué code sortie 127 

systemd-modules-load : fail to find modules 'options vmwgfx enable_fbdev=1'

in Grub2 ( or os-prober) , still debug lignes appears
and i get a dump pipewire-0.3/ ( deleted )

I get this line in journal output for Cooker or Rolling (or Lx 4.3) systems:

Jan 29 12:05:24 omv systemd-modules-load[215]: Failed to find module 'options vmwgfx enable_fbdev=1'

My guess that is modules that are present for some hardware but your hardware does not need them so they are not loaded.

I think the debug lines you refer to in Grub2 are these?:

$ sudo update-grub2
Adding boot menu entry for EFI firmware configuration
Remove echo commands from "/boot/grub2/grub.cfg"

If so there is certainly no harm to users systems. Grub2 (or os-prober) debug lines are unfortunate and our grub2 scripts probably need a rewrite. Maybe that rewrite happens for 5.0. If they are from os-prober that might be an upstream bug as os-prober is maintained by Debian.

The pipewire lines I have not seen. My guess on that is that if sound works they are nothing to worry about if sound does not work there is a bug and there needs to be a bug report.

For any user with sound problems in Rolling or upcoming OMLx 4.3 please file a bug report since the pipewire software is relatively new to OpenMandriva. Also one may switch to the older pulseaudio-server as a workaround. Run this in Konsole:

$ sudo dnf remove pipewire-pulse ; sudo dnf --refresh install pulseaudio-server

and reboot.

Note: I will make sure devs are aware of all of these comments. Getting answers may take some time. People are very busy trying to get OMLx 4.3 ready for release. At the moment Rolling and Lx 4.3 are identical so these comments do relate to that effort.

Some more information on this java-17 is stable version at present. java-18 is beta and java-19 is development version.

2022-03-01 First post updated with new isos. These isos are not perfect but they work for me. If a user has problems with no sound and/or desktop crashing open a VT (Virtual Terminal) with ctrl>alt>F3 and login as root and then run this command string:

# dnf --refresh upgrade pipewire* lib64pipewire* ; systemctl restart sddm

If you did have such troubles with the iso you would want to do that immediately after installing as well.

For some users sound may not work with the pipewire sound server. Should you find that to be a problem then run this after installing:

$ sudo dnf rm pipewire-pulse ; sudo dnf in pulseaudio-server

Note: dnf rm=dnf remove
dnf in=dnf install

Edit: Remember to upgrade your Rolling systems with sudo dnf --refresh dsync or better sudo dnf clean all ; sudo dnf dsync

Note: dnf dsync=dnf distro-sync