Candidate ISO build 1082

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TPG announced new candidate ISO:

For QA and testers convenience:



why can you not add an reply with a reference to this tread ?
i did not know to be it exist, because the incredible die vagueness and clutter of this beeb beep beep forum… damn… (no, i stop now the rant about this…gnh… forum)

TPG :slight_smile: hi ,

if you not include the “ff… beep…***** Virtualbox drivers, have we a problem, because manny test it at first on Virtualbox… and then if comes something Screen…“w.t.h. what for a crap it is this, this cant install, forget it” and the software it is kicked in the trash… do you want this ? the same with the Nvidia-drivers, i understand Bero and i understand you, but if the peoples not be able to use they’re software and you are, Bero and You TPG make restriction and don’t fix the nvidia drivers, say the peoples also, what want i use this “crap software” if not even my beloved nvidia driver pretty well worked…” “bahh, if this not works, then works securely the other also not well…” this think the peoples, if you are want hear or not… this if fact !
And if they are it not be able tested in 'Virtualbox, what do you are think if this not pretty well works…, what they are do… right, they kick ed in tha trash >>)benghhh…) once used and in the trash…
so should all well pretty work, by first testing… first if they are feel really well, want they are use this distribution also on hardware… and on this stage it is nvidia and vbox a must be !

best regards and a wonderful cool Shower :wink: (huhh hot today)

Just because I forgot to do :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for remind.


Teraz spĂłjrzmy prawdzie w oczy/jetzt mal ehrlich/Now honestly/Ora onestamente,

chcesz zainstalować coś takiego pozwolić sam spróbować ponownie, jeśli nawet nie w VirtualBox?/
wĂĽrdet ihr so etwas installieren geschweige denn nochmal ausprobieren, wenn es nichtmal in virtualbox funktioniert ? / would you install something like that let alone because again try, if it even works in virtualbox?
vuoi installare una cosa del genere per non parlare di riprovare se non lo fa, anche in virtualbox?

chcesz zainstalować coś takiego pozwolić sam spróbować ponownie, jeśli nawet nie w VirtualBox?

i would this kick in highest ark from my computer !! behind the first test…
“what for software it is this, if this installer not well scalet in virtualbox… and uninstallable… bahh…”

if i am not know Openmandriva…!

The Virtualbox it is closed source crap, but this f… crap use anybody !!
because it is for free and easy downloading and easy to become…
if you are not use this f… closed source and you know it to be the most use Computeremulation,
do you with knowing damage your own distribution spread !!

best regards

@Blackcrack Please do not mix topics.

First, feel free to provide a real “fix” how to fix that vbox screen issue.
I need a real fix, not a requests full of shout.

Our ISO works perfectly without nVIDIA/AMD proprietary drivers.

@Colin I’m waiting for a detailed QA report for 1082 ISO. Please make it “professional” - this means without “rumours”, “somebody”, “feels”, “seems”, “other ambiguities”.

Keep the rule on:
bug found = bug reported on

1082 ISO is the last one, till GnG decision.

@TPG om-welcom is not fully translate in all languages. Is there an easy way to make it (eg. transferix) so unskilled community people can be involved it this easy task?


nvidia, i have meant on the Distribution, okey was a mix, but it is also a hint for fixing the nvidia prozess of installing with the kernel 4.11.2, on 3.0 and it is reported with all, with make.log and dkms status …

but we are here on the testing your iso… this is not correct scaled in vbox and there for should we use
the vboxdrivers…

and yelling it is something else… we are here in a forum and there can we speak together…
and this there it is not a mailing-list or a issue list … so, can i say my opinion there also…
whether it suits you or not … and with the word “Professional” it is all say …
because some use a word “professional” if the opinion more bad over the thing
what it spoken or does for making it more positive… by the other… huhh be more “Professional”…

so, if you ignoring the bug in vbox without drivers… well, nice …
you can add it and make short an bugreport to be the installation not fits and fix it
or not… so, then i don’t need to say anything about there… and don’t need say about this…
because if you only programming and use the peoples here to testing it out, what you have programmed… and not by self show what’s going on… fine…
you know very accurate, i can not work with c, c++ or what ever else, html and php only…
so, can i am not fix this issue, i can easy speak about… … so, it is a vbox driver on it or not ?
If not, why so you not build a modul and add it to the iso …i guess you be more better in this as me…

have a nice day…

I cannot download all the ISO !!!

Even “wget -c” doesn’t work !!

I have uploaded it in one of our server:
Please check the sums after the download.
This file be removed very soon.

EDIT: removed (2017-06-05 18:40 UTC))

Anyone checked where the links in Calamares point? For “Known Issues” and “Release Notes”?

Edit: I have more on my list but from ISO 1077 not 1082. Will post when I get my “ducks in a row” so to speak.


This was reported for 3.01 (but not fixed), now new links should open 3.02 wiki pages.

Blacky, see if this helps.

Checklist OMLx 3.02 development ISO build 1082

Does iso burns on usb stick - YES -
Does the grub/boot screen appears - YES -
Does the options in grub/boot screen works - YES -

LIVE MODE in VirtualBox
Does autologin for live user works - YES -
Does default graphical desktop shows after autologin - YES -
Does default graphical desktop is useable (basics, like menu, file manager, web browser) - YES -
Plymouth does show up

LIVE MODE in Hardware
Does autologin for user works - YES -
Does default graphical desktop shows after login - YES -
Does default graphical desktop is useable (basics, like menu, file manager, web browser) - YES -
Plymouth does show up

Does login for user works - YES -
Does default graphical desktop shows after login - YES -
Does default graphical desktop is useable (basics, like menu, file manager, web browser) - YES -
Plymouth does not show up

Does login for user works - YES -
Does default graphical desktop shows after login - YES -
Does default graphical desktop is useable (basics, like menu, file manager, web browser) - YES -
Plymouth does not show up

Install did not start from ISO menu

  • calamares appears for a short while and suddenly closes
    Install did start from LIVE MODE > Konsole > #calamares
  • installation run pretty smooth
    Manual partitioning > Deleted exixting partitions > Re-created 1 partition swap + 1 partition /, file system ext4. Other options as default

Noticed some little flaws, especially in text selection or mouse hover toolbars items.

Attached file

@TPG @Cooker

omv-bug-report.log.xz (73,8 KB)


Ok Tomek,
I have so far found that Nvidia dkms is broken for kernel 4.11 Bug 2169

I have investigated Bug 2066 which I have now found adequate workarounds I have reduced the severity level of this bug to normal so it will not affect the decision.
Bug 2172 completely breaks kmail because akonadi is not working properly. Probably due to out of date kdepim-core. I consider this to be a blocker for a GO because I suspect it will affect the whole of the kdepin suite.
A separate bug 2171 also relates to the kdepim suite where the x265 libraries are not installed. Although not useful for those using nouveau others will maybe need them.

The problem of Calamares running in standalone mode (outside of the live system) has returned. The previous iso ran intermittently in this mode but with the latest iso I was unable to start it at all.
Perhaps the reversions to the code that crisb did to fix this have somehow sneaked back in. I will file a bug for this but as a preview the only message I could see which may have any meaning is “No protocol found” not very helpful I’m afraid but I will try and get more information on that today and file a bug before I have to leave for London.

I’m sorry you didn’t get these bug notifications earlier but I have only just realised that bugzilla has crisb as the default assignee.

I don’t think that there is anything here that is not sortable but I hope you will agree that we need kdepim and the nVidia drivers (even though they are not FOSS) working properly. The kdepim thing will probably need a respin so maybe we could consider extending the release date a bit as the 2nd June is very difficult for me because it won’t be possible to me to do very much at all that day as it is my sisters funeral. I have to go away this afternoon but will attempt to stay in touch and gather reports.
There may be a few other issues but this is all I have at the moment.


Colin Close

I am seeing the same behaviour with calamares in stand-alone mode both on live hardware and VBOX.


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Above is FALSE statement. You did not test ISO, but your working system which was wrongly updated.
This bug is not related to ISO so it is not a blocker.

FYI kdepim-core got obsoleted by kmail

x625 is a proprietary software, and can not be installed on ISO.

I do not see a bugreport on, no logs. You promised it will be a professional report.

Except what rugyada found, about wrong links in calamares, i do not see any BLOCKERS.