Call for testing LXQt-only ISO [Lx 3.0 Beta]

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(jim) #62

I like easy peasy …I had to install broadcom drivers for my laptop to get wireless to work ,in open suse
Head ache , Head ache , Head ache !!!
is there a particular version of " networkamanger " I can find and install ?

(Ben Bullard) #63

# urpmi networkmanager-applet



(jim) #64

doh !!! Lil-Homer
Sorry …I’m old school , I’m used to going out to RPM Find net and getting stuff . LOL

(rugyada) #65

Please keep things on topic: MATE comments in MATE discussion and random screenshots, if not related to “Call for testing LXQt-only ISO”, in whatever relevant other discussion.

Postedit: moved wp screenshot.

(Ben Bullard) #66