Call for testing LXQt-only ISO [Lx 3.0 Beta]

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For people interested in LXQt-only ISO here is a calling for test, feedbacks and help:

Please be aware that if there is not interest enough around, the LXQt-only ISO project may be dropped.
You have been warned! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

For latest LXQt builds, you can find them [HERE]


Please note that a small intervention is required at login on first reboot.

Most likely you’ll find Failsafe X session selected instead of LXQt Desktop.
Next times is all ok.


Installed on physical desktop computer and quickly tested.
It seems to globally work. However, I noticed some minor issues:
– the icons on the desktop (donate and join) are missing: only the text is displayed.
– after installation, the wifi is not extremely stable, though the kde version has not not this problem on the same computer. In addition, I cannot even reach the gateway. After having played a bit with the firewall, I could get something usable but I didn’t really understood very which manipulation was efficient
– I’m unable to connect to the forum with qupzilla (I’m currently writing with chromium): I cannot write anything in the connection window

EDIT: another minor problem is that I must use ALT TAB to switch minimized windows.
That said, I think we can publish it with some warnings.


I can add that the system is very reactive and pleasant to use.

  • Right click on panel > Manage Widgets

  • Remove Task manager (taskbar)

  • Add again Task manager (taskbar)
    Select it and move it up with the arrows in its original position after Quick launch

  • Close

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BTW if you want a simple quick and light browser try Otter
urpmi otter-browser


After having restarted, the issue disappeared.

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Thank you. I didn’t know it.

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ASAIK ABF web interface doesn’t work with the version of otter in lx3.0 :slightly_frowning_face:, but I haven’t tested it with latest ISO yet.

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On my updated system, the thumbnail build lists doesn’t work with otter.

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Yep but otter-browser package in our repo may need an update

$ rpm -qa|grep otter

otter-browser changelog



why it is the iso still 2 Gig if “only” LXQt inside ?
for a real small iso it is LOffice and other things really unnecessary,
and check if plasma things still inside, because 2 Gig it’s same huge
as with an plasmadesktop, only in a other “color” btw with QTLX Desktop
and this… makes imho no sense …

best regards

Literally quoted from a developer I asked about:

It’s larger because the compression we use is much faster but also slightly bigger.

Size (MB) 1818.41

You may have noticed the ISO is really fast both in loading system in live mode and even more noticeable is the installation time.

Here the step where it de-compress and actually install the system took less than 5 minutes (in virtualbox, 25GB hard disk, 4GB ram assigned, fresh new virtual machine).

LibreOffice is not there:

Unfortunately I can’t use these ISO’s because they are to big. :smiling_imp:

we don’t need Caligra and Karbon …
Karbon need’s QT and plasmathings, this makes also the iso so fad
and it should check, what all makes that so fad.
Other hands should start to build up a fresh iso, startet with the kernel,Bashtools, tty, console, X or Wayland, a WM and then
a partitionstool, like gpart, couple small tools, a repearscript for reinstall grub if is overwritten from WinNT by freshinstall for have a possible to repear the grubinstallation.

don’t go on and shrink the exist Iso, this works not really.
A lil’ question, can be not make task-kernel, task-basesystem-tty-bash,
task-xserver, task-harddisk-tools, task-x-harddisk-tools, task-install-tools, task-X-install-tools (console+Xprogramm for make it possible to install the system without an xserver, as asccii-install program with selecting possible ) for have a possible to create a install-medium in smallest way…

with task-kernel, task-basesystem-tty-bash task-network and task-install-tools
have we alone a system with less as 600mb and therewith it is possible
to have a installsystem and it is in able for installing the other like Xserver and an wm over ssh
the ISO with less as 600 mb can be standard at the virtual cdrom
with a Start Menu On ISO

  • Start from Harddisk (Standard by reboot the Server)
  • Start from ISO a live Desktop for technicians
  • Start a Installation
  • Start a Update over online RPM Install

i can imagination this is also very Interesting for Providers
where in able for hang in isos on Virtual servers :wink:

This iso it is for have a Way to works in the graphical desktop, with Partition and other Tools, an k0ns0le and maybe later as Desk for 0nlineinstallation, via rpm-install online directly from the ftp down, in this direction makes this also bit bigger…
So should be this iso only for Technicans who want have a Desktop for working with tools for repair hard and software , Partitioning, and manipulating software, edit fstab and other things.

a lil’ question : is on this iso Gimp and inkscape, if yes, for what ?

this couple reflections / considerations about it…

and marry Chrsimas and a happy new year,
i can’t open a new topic, i become a stop Icon,
otherwise i had make a new Topic for the new Year,
how ever,…

Happy Christmas and a very good year !

best regards

Gimp and inkscape are not in standard ISO packages list, not even Plasma flavour.

Happy Christmas!

What do you mean?

… but can be easily installed from rpmdrake :wink:

Did you try this one.

I tend to think @Blackcrack wants to be sure that they are not there :stuck_out_tongue:

Default applications according to Apps Menu