Call for testing LXQt-only ISO [Lx 3.0 Beta]

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(BlackCrack) #21

ohmm, okey, but i had presumed *'very big grin* *lol*

why the hack need we Webmin ? on a livecd ?
( i should by self kick the iso in the vbox :\ *g* )

because Callllligra and Karbooom, Trolljita and Wordnet:
so well, we don’t need an Office in an more technical system Iso
this is well on the LiveDesktop with Plasma and so on…
if this anyone want download.

so, what’s dependencies to the programms where make’s the iso so huge …
this is, why i told, start build together a fresh iso compiling, via task-XX.XX Files to have a possibility to make it more modular via task- Files
and make therewith more easily for make different iso’s via checkbox system later… this was also a think why Gael something like task- files
found (i be not sure if it was Gael, but i guess at kde2.1 around …).

ehhhh yyes s and therewith could it make also an
onlineinstall, if the to install drive make as root for
the install-disk and install the rpm’s fresh on this disk…

and we have a online rpm installer … :wink:
if programming Bero a Gui for it … and gurpmi
and then for us Live-Iso’ a QTDrakinstall + gurpmi… later with grafical dnf
and i guess this would be possible …
and there is a new idea born for an online rpm installer …

best regards

(rugyada) #22

Imho you can contribute with a/some better packages list/s proposal. And or some task-whatever scripts :wink:

(BlackCrack) #23

i have never worked with rpm maybe can i make one, two scripts via sh but i can not make rpm’s dear rugy :slight_smile:
i can only bring idea’s and innovation suggestions :nerd_face:
best regards

(Ben Bullard) #24

It is a joke more or less. @Blackcrack frequently complains about the size of the ISO’s. Why is that so important? Well he explained why it’s important to him above.

I have difficulty understanding @Blackcrack’s method of writing English but if I’m understanding correctly he wishes to limit OpenMandriva to a smaller group consisting only of technicians?

ISO’s or Operating Systems for the general public are always a compromise and people can and do argue endlessly over what should/shouldn’t be on or off such ISO’s. As @rugyada points out Calligra, Karbon, Gimp, and Inkscape are not on our recent ISO’s including the all inclusive “Official” Plasma5/LXQt ISO’s.

There is hope that there will be a net install ISO option for OM Lx4.

(BlackCrack) #25

no, the LxQT iso should be more for technicians ( we are there on the Tread for the iso…)
so my thinking about, how many orphans be into the LXqt iso, it is so fad and imho
should make a fresh start and not with the plasma livedesktop as start, no, an fresh
iso only with X, LXQT, an partitionsprogramms and an couples of tools who not need many dependencies for hold the iso really small…


(Ben Bullard) #26

I know nothing of this supposedly being an ISO for technically oriented users. As far as I know it is an experimental ISO created by @rugyada 's request for an ISO with LXQt desktop only. The purpose as I understand it is to guage interest in such an ISO and also as a launching pad for experimenting with other desktops like Mate and Cinnamon. (It is possible my understanding is incorrect or incomplete). A secondary goal of me and QA-Team is to use this ISO as an opportunity to fix any issues outstanding with OpenMandriva LXQt desktop. (I hope we are doing that.)

Another talked about goal is hopefully in the future we can have separate Plasma5 only and LXQt only ISO’s as official policy (Perhaps for Lx 4). But these are all goals for ISO’s for desktop users.

Now It might be a good idea for an ISO for more technically minded people like a server ISO. I recall a long time ago Bero saying that he had one in development but haven’t heard about it since. So you might want to renew your request for a server ISO. And renew your request for a net install ISO. You might want to see if you can get these to be a part of Lx 4 release?

What is more likely to happen in the near future is that @Colin writes a Tutorial on how to make ISO’s or spins so @rugyada can create LXQt only or other desktop ISO’s. And also so our beloved @Blackcrack can create a server ISO and maybe even a net install ISO that Gaël Duval can be proud of. I might make something too but it seems @rugyada @Blackcrack have taken the best ideas…

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

(Olivier) #27

I have tried to install from 1667 with no luck ie no instructions are displayed, just the OpenMandriva splash or background image (yellow flowers).
The live seems to better work though most of the icons are missing in the start menu. I have not played much more with the live.
Any one else experiencing this?
I hope you are all enjoying the past and coming holidays.

(Ben Bullard) #28

Developers use this location to make ISO’s for users but also to make ISO’s to test things. @TPG made this particular one (Build ID # 1667) but since he did not issue a call to user testing it was most likely a test he was doing for himself. ISO Build ID # 1637 is stuck on resolution 800x600 here but otherwise it seems to work and am installing in VBox here. ISO’s 1540 and 1512 also work as far as I can remember.

Edit: And everyone try to remember that LXQt only ISO’s are experimental/testing ISO’s they are not “Officially” supported. For instance 1637 is one Colin made in a hurry by special request from a highly esteemed contributor (@rugyada).

(Ben Bullard) #29

I just installed ISO 1637 in VBox and updated and it looks like something is missing regarding icons:

What am I missing? Looks naked…

(Ben Bullard) #30

Also OMCC/drakconf/Configure your Computer does not open normally. You can only open it as root from terminal.

Edit: No networkmanager applet by default?

Erro ao instalar Openmandriva 3.03 LX
(Olivier) #31

Thanks for the info. I tried 1637 but the installation cannot finish as I get an error message saying that the hardware clock cannot be set. I will go back to 1540 that is working at least on the laptop I am using. Will also keep an eye on a next ISO, I will be happy to carry on testing.

Edit: Same hardware clock issue with 1540 (the live works). Looks to be hardware specific (Sony Vaio). As Ben79 you suggested will fill a bug for further investigation…

Edit: Issue resolved. If you run into such an issue or are curious, check the bug 2283 for a nice workaround (in short, run the live, update calamares and run it) or the updated release notes.

(Ben Bullard) #32

We need someone that has the actual issue to file a bug report so we can get developers involved. Unless there isn’t already a bug report on this.

(rugyada) #33

If I’m reading correct, it seems to be a calamares bug, now fixed in 3.1.11

(issue) Some poorly-configured systems cannot reliably set the hardware clock (RTC). Previously this was an error which would abort the entire installation. Calamares now ignores the error.

(Ben Bullard) #34

Looks interesting maybe this bug has been fixed. calamares-3.1.11-1-omv2015.0 is now in main-updates repo so next ISO should have it.

Edit: Next ISO will be made tomorrow Sunday 12/31/17.

(rugyada) #35

Now it would be great to have regular Sunday builds of LXQt-only ISO along with x86_64 Plasma, and stop any further i586/32bit.

(Ben Bullard) #36




(Olivier) #38


(BlackCrack) #39

tztztz … “i am not need, because… the other achitectures it is ooooollld…”

no, i am not this opinion

it is getting 586 Notebooks and other peoples
have a 32bit system still on running, you are …
not really realize to be exist still 32 hardware, we had speak about
586 and 686 and the 686 should stay exist to have a 32bit system
for peoples who have a 32Bit notebook or a 32Bit desktop…
or easy, let the opinion-fingers from 586 !


(rugyada) #40

This release will be the last in the 3.x series and also the last to support i586

Decision is taken.
OMLx 3.03 is released. No point to build any more i586 ISO currently IMHO.
32bit is time & resource wasting.

At a certain point people have to live with it :smile: