Bug report tool for OpenMandriva Lx

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The simple shell script will help in bug fixing process.
It is called omv-bug-report.

You can install it through rpmdrake, or by running urpmi omv-bug-report
The script location will then be /usr/bin/omv-bug-report.sh



from a terminal will gather informations from:

  • various configuration files (in /etc/*)
  • various /proc entries (which let know informations about kernel configuration)
  • grub configuration (the boot program)
  • lspcidrake output (for PCI devices listing)
  • lsusb output (for USB devices listing)
  • dmidecode output (to get informations about hardware from the BIOS)
  • systemctl –failed (to report systems or services that failed to be started)
  • journalctl -b (for showing log of current boot)
  • rpm -qa (for listing installed packages)
  • gcc version (for the version of the compiler)

Then all will be packed into an archive omv-bug-report.log.xz.

This file should be attached to any bugreport.
It will help speed up the work of bugsquasher, and simplify the work of the bugreporter by quickly providing detailed information.

The file is compressed with xz. To see the content, you can use:
unxz -c omv-bug-report.log.xz | less

Source: blog.openmandriva.org/2014/03/bug-report-tool-for-openmandriva-lx

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Updated instructions for OM Lx 4. The only difference from the original post is in package management. First the package is installed by default so no need for user to install. To run it simply open Konsole and run:

$ sudo sh /usr/bin/omv-bug-report.sh

If for some reason the package is missing you can install it with:

$ sudo dnf install omv-bug-report

Otherwise the instructions in first post apply.


Post-edit: Completely rewritten from my first post to, I hope, simplify.