Boot/efi and squashfs.img installation problems


i’ve been using mandriva for almost 25 years. Now i am passing from my 4.3 to 5.0 Rome.
I have a dual boot computer, with a partition for Windows and a partition for Linux.
To be more precise, i have the boot partition, the windows partition (with also a partition for recovery), a partition for root and a partition for /home.

I downloaded the iso file for Rome. I burned it on a usb and i started the installation as usual.

When it comes to partition, i pur the boot/efi in the first (without formatting) as usual and i define root and home. Calamares show a pop up saying that not setting a 300Mb partition for boot/efi may cause problems. But it’s what i just did…

but i ignore and i keep on. When it comes to the end and it starts do download the packages, almost immediately, it says that (i translate from italian) the “source filesystem /run/initramfs/omdv/LiveOs/squashfs.img” doesnt’t exist.

What should i do?

  • _**OpenMandriva Lx version:**5.0

  • _**Desktop environment (KDE, LXQT…):**KDE

  • Description of the issue (screenshots if relevant):

  • Relevant informations (hardware involved, software version, logs or output…):

5.0 is Rock not ROME. Most recent ROME isos are here. Anyone wishing to install ROME is encouraged to try ROME Plasma6.

First did you check checksums for the .iso files? How did you burn to USB?

Those 2 quotes suggest a corrupted download, a bad copy to usb, or copy to usb done incorrectly. It may be helpful to read Rock Release Notes. Particularly the “Boot from USB section”.

If there is possibility of a corrupted download user may first just try downloading again or better try downloading from terminal.

I normally download .iso files like this:

$ aria2c -c -m 0

And copy the .iso file to a flash drive using ROSA Image Writer. You may alternatively dd the image to your USB stick:

sudo dd if=<iso_name> of=<usb_drive> bs=4M conv=fdatasync status=progress

Replace <iso_name> with the path to the ISO and <usb_drive> with the device node of the USB drive, i.e. /dev/sdb.

If installation problems persist see this:

What to do if there is a problem installing OM Lx

Specifically install OMLx from Konsole like this:

$ pkexec calamares -d 2>&1 | tee /home/live/calamares-installation-log.txt

That will create calamares-installation-log.txt which you can post here and may tell us what is missing. Also posting screen-shots helps.

Screen-shots of the partitioning page before and after would help. Are you using ‘Manual partitioning’? That is required to use an existing /boot/efi. Also the /boot/efi must be flagged as boot.

This is unusual. The whole ‘Live’ iso is a squashfs.img. It would be extremely helpful to have that calamares-installation-log.txt to see if we can tell what is wrong. Also you can boot the iso ‘Live’ and check in Dolphin under ‘Removable devices’ and see if this file is present. This is a ROME iso build id # 3081: