Another doubt on Firefox

Here OMV LX 3.0. Firefox completes usernames/login names in almost all sites (for instance, but does not do it at,


Probably nothing to do with the site since Chomium does remember login name at OMV forum.

Hi, did you search in preferences/security/idents/exceptions?

Ok. Both sites are listed as those not to remember login names,

However, in fact, there are hundreds of sites in the list and all but openmandriva forum do remember logins.

I think either this preference is not implemented properly or this is not related to this behavior …


I wonder why in this topic the openmandriva issues site is different from openmandriva forum. The openmandriva forum is converted to show an icon and something else …

Hum, I don’t see what you mean.

I mean,

I wrote,


but only the issues’ site is readable as I wrote it.

          >;< vs >:<


Attached, a snapshot of what firefox shows here

Sorry for the typo (>;< vs >:<).

Yes I see now. It seems that this a “feature” of discourse forum that I wasn’t aware.
You can keep the original writing by using the preformatted text button : </>
It adds special quotes he text like this:
that gives:

Still wonder why firefox do not show/remember my login when try to login at

Pre-formatted text acts differently here …

Put a space before the address when it’s at the beginning of a new line.

It seems that the preformatted text option adds three spaces by default,
doesn’t it?

Using preformatted text:

vs. not using preformatted text:

So why does forum show the graphic which for me doesn’t provide a link to forum whereas issues merely provides a link? :confounded:
To me the graphic is useless as I can’t link to forum from it. Clicking on the graphic merely takes me to the banner not the forum page. :astonished:

I don’t know why. Reading the docs didn’t give me real clues. That’s the reason why I was talking about “features” that interprets as a special string when it is at the beginning of the line, as Rugyada said. In fact, there is no need to embed the string in preformatted text.

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Doesn’t matter much to me. I’m just trying to understand what adelson is talking about. Maybe the answer is decaffeinated coffee? :wink:

Or even still water doesn’t give much sparkles …

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Some links to known or trusted/favorite site, like wikipedia, YouTube, ABF, our Forum etc. show a kind of preview in discourse.
It’s a feature in fact :wink:

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Interesting, most of you are wondering why openmandriva forum looks as it does while for me this could just be a kind of clue to the initial question:

Why do I have to write my login name every time I want to access Openmandriva forum. This does not happen with Openmandriva issues …

Anyway, many thanks for you all.

I don’t have to do that so it’s probably a setting that needs to be reset. Or a remember-er that needs to be cleared and reset. Or something that needs to be reset.