About Issue Tracker (our Bugzilla)


A few days ago there was a conversation among contributor group about problems with our Issue Tracker (aka: Bugzilla). Without getting in to details of the problems it was agreed that we should give Github issues a try. This decision is not yet official but likely will be in our next TC-meeting.

I’m posting this because one of the problems is that users report not being able to establish and account. So this is presently posted as an alternative way to get technical issue in front of developers.


2639 – openCPN
2613 – Issues when creating issues in bugzilla
Can't register on https://issues.openmandriva.org/

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Two known issues with our Issue Tracker are

  1. When existing user makes a change to a bug report the browser window takes a long time to get to an error message. However if you ignore this and open another window and go to the bug report you will see that the change was made. So this can be worked around with patience.

  2. Users are reporting that they can not establish an account on our Issue Tracker.

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Updating (2020-08-02)

Known problems should now be resolved:

  • Changes are recorded and the browser page is updated
  • Notification emails are regularly sent
  • The possibility of creating a new user’s account remains to be confirmed

Since the problem with sending emails is fixed it is assumed that this last bug has also been solved as well. We would appreciate if anyone can confirm this for us.

Thanks to @raphael, @Colin, @rugyada and to those who participated with reports, tests, and contributed in various ways.

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I attempted to create an account with a different e-mail address and I did receive a “Bugzilla: confirm account creation” e-mail. So this issue does appear to be resolved as well. However we would appreciate hearing from our valued users on this important issue.

Post-edit: I went ahead and created the new account and “The user account zzzxxxccc@xyz.net has been created successfully”. So this does indeed seem confirmed.