XRDP Linux

Installed version 4.1
Need instructions on how to configure Windows 10 RDP in Linux XRDP
I did not succeed in connecting.

I need to work remotely from my windows in Linux.

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I did not have time to test XRDP yet, maybe someone else has, nonetheless I’ll make some tests. Can you tell what you did and what was the expected behaviour? Have you used XRDP successfully in another distribution (so we can compare if doable)

I used to do XRDP centOS 7. About simple instructions. Everything worked.
In LX 4.1, XRDP installed, when trying to log in, it asks for a login password. After that, the turquoise screen, the desktop does not boot. I understand that you need to configure xrdp.ini and x11 but I don’t know how to do this.

exec gnome-session ??? exec KDE… ???

The firewall is completely off.
I need an instruction.

sudo yum install xrdp


I am running xrdp on Fedora so I can not say for sure this config will work on Openmandriva, but I created /etc/X11/Xwrapper.conf with the following two lines. If I remember correctly, I also just got a turquoise screen without the file.

  • allowed_users=anybody
  • needs_root_rights=no