Xorg 1.19.0 and nVidia(340) don't match yet!

Xorg 1.19.0 and nvidia(340) don’t match yet.
Even if everything is ‘OK’, see:

Go to terminal mode -> Ctrl + Alt + F1/F2
When you read the /var/log/Xorg.0.log you find the reason why.
The nvidia driver doesn’t support this version of ABI.

You have to downgrade the Xorg to 1.18.4
urmpi --downgrade xxxx doesn’t do the trick with me.

First modifie /etc/urpmi/skip.list so in won’t update x11-, add.


Remove Xorg: urpme x11-server-xorg
Make note of the rpm’s that also will removed: eg task-x11 task-plasma task-plasma-minimal etc etc.
Purge auto orphans: urpme --auto-orphans

Re-install Xorg etc etc:
urpmi task-x11 taks-plasma task-plasma-minimal etc etc.
Check if everytging is ‘OK’, see:

If after reboot you haven’t a GUI login, but a terminal.
Login in as root and start sddm (service sddm start) or install and start the service.
Check before login that de default WindowManger is plasma

Check with MCC -> Service, if sddm is enabled on boot.

Wait for the nvidia update to update Xorg.

I’ve read out there that the new nvidia 375.20 is compatible with xorg 1.19.

Looking forward to have this new nvidia on OMV repositories.

3.75.26 available here:


please test.

Sorry Ben, no can not.

The 375.26 version doesn’t support my Quadro FX 4600.
I need a update of the 340.98 version.

The new 375.20 (not testing) available at repositories seems to work fine. I Just had to blacklist nouveau to have it loaded.

Is there a bug report on this?

No Ben, because it isn’t a bug.

The nVidia(340) version doesn’t not support the higher version of ABI in Xorg 1.19.0
You have to wait till nVidia release a update of al his ‘long term’ drivers that are compatible with Xorg 1.19.0
Not only the latest: 375.26

There is now a upadte from nVidia: 340.101

Ah. OK, didn’t know that. Thanks. FWIW I don’t have nvidia hardware.

Edit: To get nVidia packages updated it’s best to file a bug report and select ‘trivial/enhancement’ under ‘Importance’.

After a few days out of town…
An update of dkms-nvidia340 (340.101) …
Works fine with Xorg 1.19.0 and kernel 4.8.x
With kernel 4.9.x the nvidia kernel module won’t load at all.


For kernel 4.9.x you have to patch the nVidia source code.
See: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/982052/latest-nvidia-driver-340-101-builds-compiles-properly-but-fails-to-load-has-errors-with-linux-kernel-4-9/?offset=1

Please make an update dkms-nvidia340 (340.101) with this patch.
Check if this patch is also needed for other nVidia drivers and kernel 4.9.x !!

I use nvidia 375 which was updated to 375.26 yesterday. I remember I saw a patch package (or something like?) in the list of updates.

Everything looks fine with kernel 4.9 and nvidia 375.26 here.

To get the attention of developers please file a bug report and under ‘Importance’ select ‘trivial/enhancement’.