Why XFdrake does not create a xorg.conf in a 3.02 fresh install?


OMV LX 3.02 with all updates

KDE desktop

A fresh install of 3.02 in a laptop with intel + nvidia graphical cards (intel is the main video card) automatically configured video without the intel video driver. X is ok but no 3D acceleration. Also trivial things like controlling brightness is not working in a friendly way. XFdrake run fine but does not change anything.

The question is, Does anybody know why running XFdrake one would not be given the option to install the intel video driver, why it does not create a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file?

This is a rather general question about XFdrake because I don’t have full access to the laptop, just would like to help using OMV LX 3.02.


Here on an Intel only computer it does offer to install the intel driver “810 and later” and does create an xorg.conf.

On that computer when you first run XFdrake what window opens and what does it say? Usually it automatically selects the graphic card and driver it thinks you need. If it doesn’t automatically have “Intel” selected then probably “810 and later” already highlighted you would just scroll to “Intel” and select “810 and later”. Of course I’m guessing that on that laptop “810 and later” is correct. If XFdrake installs anything it is going to create a xorg.conf file as far as I know. I’ve never seen XFdrake not do so.

One might also try experimenting with settings in SystemSettings>Display and Monitor.

Thank ben79,

Yes, XFdrake offers intel 810 and later. That computer has not the same features like the one I have. Mine also has intel video card (with 810 and later) but it has 3D acceleration, brightness control via keyboards, and so on. I guess the package x11-driver-intel should be installed in that computer but mine does not have this package as well, so the cause for the problem isn’t this.

I also still don’t know why XFdrake doesn’t create xorg.conf.

Many attempts with system-settings with no help.

These days X11-server does not need /etc/X11/xorg.conf file as things are automatically detected.
XFdrake should create config file only in case when different driver is used rather than autodetected like in case when you use nvidia proprietary drivers.

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In fact, googling around I’ve found many examples like the one I’ve seen where DELL laptops fail to respond to brightness control, in Windows, MAC OS and Linux.

Maybe there is something to be done but it seens it is not a OMV LX 3.02 problem.

Anyway, still looking for a solution.


Which kernel module are you using for the intel chip?

That computer had 4.13.10, I guess it is up to date.

I meant which is the kernel module for your intel graphic card :).

Ok. This I’ll have to check.

The intel graphics drivers used are


in their latest version

You may try if one of the solutions listed here can fix your issue.