Why Lx?

I’m just curious, and have done a rather extensive search with no result, but why OpenMandriva Lx? Wouldn’t OpenMandriva be enough? I probably should have asked this question a week ago, as we are covering OMLx on mintCast, to be recorded later today.


People seem to be moving to describing it as just OpenMandriva or OM for the OpenMandriva the distro. And OMA for the governing body OpenMandriva Association. I like the shorter names.


The OpenMandriva Association (OMA)

The distribution projects:
- OpenMandriva Lx (OMLx)

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so why ROME? :slight_smile:

Roma Caput Mundi :stuck_out_tongue:

That explains why OpenMandriva. Why Lx? Lots of distros around, not many have undefined letters after their name.

Why not…
Anyway, as said, we want the names of the projects to be different from the name of the Association.
“undefined” is personal opinion.
A name is a name. One may like it or not, not a problem. It’s not like it must forcedly have any meaning.

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