Where is the Brightness Control for Laptops running OpenMandriva Lx?

Here is a question I’ve seen on Reddit :slight_smile:

OpenMandriva Lx 3.02 / Plasma 5 / X86_64

I’ve seen this problem in a DELL computer. However, this problem is reported in other OS’s like Windows, Mac and other Linuxes.

For instance,

drivers - Brightness control not working on laptop ubuntu16.10 - Ask Ubuntu

Here, a LG laptop, brightness keys works fine with OMV LX 3.0.

There are applications (like xbacklight) that may be of some help. I have not tested since I don’t need it

Fn>F2 on my notebook would turn wifi on and off. Fn>F3 does nothing. Fn>F6 increases screen brightness and Fn>F5 decreases.

Things like this would be influenced by graphics hardware and driver which is not stated. As always it is wise to be sure user has an up to date system as well.

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Hope this may help.