Where are clamav files?


OMV LX 3.0

Some clamav files, required for a broader clamav operation, are not open source. Are they restricted? Are they available somewhere?


Like which ones ?


Since I cannot be technical about this (don’t know much about) I will summarize as follows:
To be effective, Clamav requires lots of viruses, worms, …,“vaccine” files where virus and other malicious softwares are described.
Without this files, clamav cannot be that efficient . The problem is that these files are not free/open…

Are you referring to the ClamAV virus database?

Yes. The clamav database. I once receive a message about some files not being free. Then the clamav database is typically made of the free ones only.

I was googling around searching for references on this and could not find. Hope I’m not caughting your attention and time with “fake news” …

It’s the first time I heard about this. However AFAIK usually clam updates its database by itself and puts it into some path into /var (maybe /var/cache/clam or something similar) so the database is not provided by the package.

Postedit1: maybe the database is into /var/lib/clamav.

Postedit2: about the virus databases after a short search it is like the official database is free but there exist some other ‘unofficial’ third-party databases may be not fully free.

I would suggest to contact Clamav directly and ask them. Otherwise also an Internet search (“Google”) might find something.

Please post here if you do find something.

Note: REAL Linux users don’t use Google.

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