What's up with the cert on stats.openmandriva.com?

Hey there,
It seems that stats.openmandriva.org has a certificate issued to yunohost.org and some Windows AVs flag it as untrusted.
Is everything alright in that department? What metrics are being collected and by whom are they used?

Thanks for reporting. Looks like nothing:

Image deleted.

Maybe @raphael would know more.

When an organization consists of only part-time, unpaid, volunteers sometimes things like certificates get overlooked until a user tells us.

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If I click on the user interface and login I see this:

Image deleted.

So it says “Redirection error: Unmanaged domain” but all those colored boxes do lead to working pages. So I will be asking about this.

That link is not taking you where it should. @raphael is working on it.

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Thanks for the warning, in fact it used to be a custom url for OpenMandriva service status

Unfortunately, since some time (I don’t know since when) we need a paid plan for using custom URL. I did not notice before.

I’ll make a redirection instead, then.

And thanks @ben79 for pinging me, I have made a nginx redirection to fix it.