What PARTICULARLY is the meaning of "unbelieveably crisp response"?

I was perusing the review of the new release at DW and saw this rather remarkable statement:

Hey, this is just a question and not a criticism, so, if someone could scratch out a few lines of explanation, it would be quite appreciated! :slight_smile:

As a side note: I’m the fellow that did all the “install parties” in the Midwest USA maybe … ten years back. This was for college students and I usually had maybe 15 installs per party, but then it tapered off.

Anyway, just a question.

thanks! :slight_smile:

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Crisp response=Snappy, quick to open… responsive

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Thank you for the timely and concise response!

I d/ld the live cd, and the menu items, etc, do, indeed open very quickly! :slight_smile: But…not…too…quickly!

Of course, as we all know, what the words “responsive” or “quick” mean to the individual user is a matter of taste/interpretation/who knows what.

The ol’ woodsmoker, being of advanced years, some time ago thought that a more…leisurely pace would probably be best in future years, but, no! The ol’ woodsmoker still likes a menu to open quickly and get on with business!

Of course, it is possible for stuff to open so quickly that things begin to conflict and one wouldn’t want that.

Of course, also, we all know that reviewers have always commented about how aesthetically pleasing, pretty, beautiful, attractive, etc. Open Mandriva is in it’s presentation.

Sooo, let the ol’ woodsmoker just end with the comments that the developers, along with the devoted community, have, indeed, produced a very “responsive” distro and one of the most …appealing!

wood :slight_smile: smoke

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