What i think is a default sane gnome system

hello everybody, user @rugyada asked me to do a list on what i think it’s a sane default for a gnome desktop, and i’ve been using gnome for as long as i’ve used linux (about ten years now) so i will be happy to do that, in the hope it can help creating a better gnome spin of openmandriva

i will do that over time, considering i can update the post and in order of icons found on the system, cause doing it in alphabetical order would take really that much time and effort

ok, let me start or i will never finish :stuck_out_tongue:

let me reassume gnome-games on a single list : they are not essential and i honestly would remove all of them, they are old and they do not represent at all the state of gaming in linux, there is steam now and triple a games so they are not needed at all. Even canonical is removing them from ubuntu, incuding the full install. Maybe i would just keep aisleriot (the solitaire), cause it’s the only game windows still ship, but anyway, keep in mind that they can easily be installed with one click with the Software app

  • Gnome-Contacts : should be there, it’s an app you rarely use on a pc, more on a phone, but if you need to backup a vcf file from a phone and edit, you know you can do it
  • Gnome-Weather : Absolutely needs to be there, who doesn’t want to check the weather?and it also integrate in the events view
  • Gnome-Clock : should be there, it’s not absolutely essential but you may need to set a timer from time to time, or check a local timezone (for a travel for example, or for phoning your american friend on discord and want to know what time is it in chicago) and you know it’s there
  • Gnome-Maps : should be there, you may want to check an adress or a route from time to time, and this app do the work just fine
  • Gnome-Photos : this should be removed since it’s abandoned, and probably will not receive further updates, it’s even broken in other distros and none cares so absolutely removed
  • Gnome-Videos : should be removed, i mean, i use it cause it has the option to download subtitles without creating an account on opensubtitles, but it’s the only thing. It’s slow, old and probably won’t be updated anymore, so better have clapper instead, which is a nice modern replacement
  • Gnome-Calculator : should absolutely stay, no need to explain that right?
  • Gnome-gedit : should be removed, it’s old and gnome text editor do the same thing but with a modern look
  • Gnome-Simplescan : should absolutely stay, who doesn’t need a scanning application?
  • Gnome-Settings : absolutely stay, no need to explain that i guess
  • Gnome-System monitor : should be removed, i mean it’s a nice app but i feel Gnome-usage has a nicer interface, plus it has already been updated to gtk4
  • Gnome-Terminal : should stay, it’s a nice terminal, quite fast and it’s even getting it’s gtk4 port, i generally use blackbox, but this one is part of the gnome core apps, so maybe this one is recommended for a default system
  • Gnome-Packages-Update and Gnome-Packages : they should be removed absolutely, since they have been superseeded by Gnome-Software, which is not a really good app per se, but it works, while the other two are almost abandoned (and on the live iso they even crash
  • Brasero : should be removed, i personally use it, but i guess i’m one of the few remaining people still having a disc burner/reader out there, it may be useful from time to time but for that rarer time you need it you can install from the store with a single click and then remove it till next time. Useful but not necessary, can be removed
  • Gnome-Help : should be hidden in a folder, but should be there, you never know it may be useful
  • Gnome-Search-Tool : should be removed, it’s old not updated in years, plus Nautilus do the same thing but without the need of a second app
  • Gnome-Cheese : it may be useful, i know but it’s old and not really updated anymore, i guess it may be replaced with Gnome-Snapshot
  • Clapper : should stay, it’s not part of the gnome core apps but it’s a nice modern player and it just works
  • DnfDragora : should be removed, no offense intended but it’s slow, old and unreliable, better use Yum Extender instead
  • Gnome-Text editor : should stay, it’s the modern replacement to gedit
  • Gnome-Empathy : should be removed, honestly it’s not updated anymore plus none is really using it anymore

ok that’s it for the first page, i guess i’ll see you on page 2 :slight_smile:

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pinging @AngryPenguin :wink:

wanted to update my first post but seems i can’t do that anymore, so here we are for chapter 2, or second page

  • Gnome-extensions : should be hidden somewhere but should be there, i mean, i don’t personally use it cause i tend to go to the website when i want to update/toggle some extension, but gnome recommends it so i guess it should be there
  • Evolution : should stay, it’s old and despite it won’t be updated to gtk4, it’s still actively mantained plus it’s a very good mail client, probably the best out there, a great alternative for linux to outlook, and manages everything, from calendar to mails to contacts and so on, i guess it’s a must for productivity
  • Eye of Gnome : should be absolutely removed, it’s old and has been superseeded by loupe
  • Firmware : never used in my life but i guess it should stay, maybe hidden in the utilities folder
  • Foliate : should be removed, generally you read ebook on the go, not on a pc, and if you need to, you can install it in a click with software
  • Fractal : should be removed, it’s in my opinion not essential and can be installed with a single click anyway
  • Gimp : should stay, i mean, i would probably say to remove it for the same reasons as foliate and fractal, but it could be great for showing that if an user need to edit something, openmandriva can do it
  • Gnome-Commander : should be removed, it’s very old and i think not even updated anymore, plus now nautilus can have tabs or windows stacked, so…
  • Gparted : should be removed, gnome disks can do the same (almost) and fits more into gtk
  • gThumb : should be removed, we already have loupe for viewing photos, and if in need of a quick modification, you can install it with the usual click on software
  • Printer settings : should be removed, i mean, never used and we can already do everything in settings
  • Inkscape : should stay for the same reason as gimp
  • Libreoffice suite : it should stay but i think there’s no point in having also the frontend (the one with a black icon asking you what to do
  • Lollypop : should definitely stay, despite not being a gnome core app, it’s one of the best gtk players and will make a good first impression for sure

Page 3

  • Neovim : should be removed, people can install it in the usual click if really needed
  • Gnome-notes : should be removed, there are newer apps now
  • Polari : should be removed, irc is really rare these days so if user really needs it surely know where to get it (on nterminal or on the store with a single click)
  • PySol : should be removed, already stated why in first post
  • Gnome-recorder : should be removed, it’s really rare to record something from the pc, so same as polari i guess
  • Rhythmbox : should be removed, really few people use it these days and anyway there’s already lollypop with a much much better interface
  • Rosa Image Writer : should stay, hidden somewhere, it’s one of the few tools you use rarely but if you need it you know it’s there, i would argue that there are gtk4 alternatives but this is branded openmandriva, so…
  • Shortwave : should be removed, internet radio it’s nice but it’s one of those apps only a niche will use, so they probably already know where to get it
  • Shotwell : should be removed, for the same reasons as gThumb
  • Skanlite : should be removed, there’s already the gnome scanner app doing the same thing and it’s even gtk
  • Openmandriva repository picker : can’t really comment on this one, gnome software do the same thing but i guess this is part of the openmandriva philosophy
  • Gnome-energy-monitor (or whatever is called) : should be removed, it’s not even part of the gnome core apps

Page 4

  • Characters selection app (don’t really know how it’s called but it’s the first on page 4) : should be removed, there is a newer alternative now, and it’s even already installed
  • Transmission : should be removed, few people (except me :stuck_out_tongue: ) torrents these days and if you really want to have a torrent client preinstalled, Fragments is a better alternative, as it’s even gtk4
  • Update configuration : again, in my opinion should be removed, but i guess it’s part of the openmandriva philosophy, so maybe hidden somewhere?
  • Gnome-Tour : absolutely there, hidden in the utilities folder
  • Gnome-Web (aka epiphany) : should be removed, i mean, it’s a gnome core app and it’s ui is even quite good, but let’s face it, Firefox is on another planet
  • Firefox : should be there, no needs to explain why (althought i prefer waterfox :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Gnome-calendar : should be there, no need to explain why i guess
  • Gnome-Music : should be removed, sigh, lovely ui but the app per se it’s a mess, and can’t even open files from the file manager. Lollypop is a much better option
  • Nautilus : should be absolutely there, cause it’s a wonderful file manager in my opinion
  • Gnome-Software : should absolutely be there, it’s not a really great app but it works and it’s really easy to use, ideal for newcomers

Utilities folder

  • Sistem registry : should be removed and replaced by it’s moern counterpart which should be called directly Gnome-Registries
  • Advanced net configuration : should be removed, you can do the same things with the settings app
  • Gnome disk usage analyzer (aka baobab) : should absolutely be there, no need to explain why
  • Gnome-Dictionaires : should be removed, it’s a very old app and not even fedora ships it anymore
  • Gnome-Disks : should be absolutely there, no need to explain why i guess
  • Evince : should be absolutely there, no need to explain why i guess
  • File roller : should absolutely be there, no need to explain why
  • Loupe : should absolutely be there, no need to explain why
  • Gnome-Keyring (aka seahorse) : should absolutely be there, no need to explain why
  • Gnome Tweak Tool : should be there, i mean, it probably shouldn’t but it’s useful and it’s the first app i generally install on a gnome desktop so…
  • Gnome-Usage : should be there, if you need to ckeck the ram or close a process is essential, and even gtk4
  • Vinagre : should be removed and replaced by the new remote desktop app, should be called gnome-connections
  • Characters : should stay, maybe hidden in the utilities folder
  • Gnome font selector : should stay, it’s an essential app
  • Gnome-Console : should be removed, we already have gnome terminal for that
  • Gnome-Screenshots : should be removed, there’s a new tool for that in gnome

ok here it is, my complete lookup of openmandriva gnome spin

just a quick note, this is not the same exact setup i have right now, it’s just what i think a newcomer will find a good gnome setup for starting, and i would also replace gnome-terminal with blackbox, but just because blackbox is beautiful :stuck_out_tongue:

hope it can help in some way shape a better gnome spin :slight_smile:

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