What About line up of ISO's for Lx 4?

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This was proprosed by @bero in yesterday’s TC-Meeting:

<bero> IMO we should have
<bero> * minimal (no UI stuff at all, good for servers)
<bero> * small with UI
<bero> * LXQt
<bero> * Plasma

The small with UI is discussed here.

It is my understanding that the meaning is that the Plasma ISO would finally be Plasma only and the LXQT ISO would also be LXQt only as it has been.


I think this is the way to go. Maybe having a secondary/emergency WM is not so usefull, nowadays.

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Actually we do have a back up desktop in Lx 3. The Plasma5 and LXQt ISO’s also have Openbox. (If you check on the sddm login screen I think you’ll find it there.)

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The advantage of LxQt and Lumina is they reproduce what proprietary OS users are used to… I like OpenBox, FluxBox though for their minimalism.

I remember old WMs from the last millenium that I really loved, and which wrere beautiful (even compared to the standards), but I guess they are no more active, such as WindowMaker, AfterStep etc.

So what is the small with UI?

  • all the basic packages essential to the system, including of course those useful for network connection
  • the installer
  • language: English only
  • icewm for a minimal desktop environment
  • no office stack (libreoffice, calligra, etc.) just a simple text editor similar to kate or leafpad
  • no multimedia stack (VLC, cantata, etc.)
  • no graphic stack (krita, karbon, etc.)
  • no print stack

Post-edit: I don’t know that there would be a big demand for this. It would be typical or our users that no one says much until after a decision has been made.

Don’t be so pessimistic :wink:

How about for simplicity let’s close this thread and please continue any discussion here.

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