What a new user needs to know BEFORE installing OpenMandriva?

Okay, right now I don’t know how to post it properly on the forum and I know that there are not many changes even in readme file, so I just leave it here:

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I would say to make a post in English/Support section with a link to this patch, the step by step how to apply this patch, and if possible why this is better than the other RTL88x2BU driver. If it is only better for some hardware and not all, this is still something potentially helpful for other users.

As far as how to do it, when I started I just started writing, posting and asking questions. The fact that I do stuff here does not mean I am the best at doing it. I believe I have gotten better over time, but there have been folks that disagree with that.

I do make an effort to research things or ask OM devs before I write things in forum or wiki to do the best I can to be accurate. When I make mistakes I correct them. Does not bother me when people point out mistakes. I would much rather correct some error I made and learn from it.

Users can make Package and Feature request here. Deciding whether to package something or not is decided, rightly, by OM developers. When something get packaged depends on when there is a developer has time.

I’m using OpenMandriva with my daily box as a freelancer - close to business. It’s more about trust and reliabililty. Making a package request or not, having money or not, at the end of the day what matters is to keep my business working.

From what I understand right now on “the private Jim Bob’s To Do” OpenMandriva is not really opened or interested in making business or to get more resources. Too much busy with other tasks.

So it’s gonna be on a different timeframe, I’m gonna find another distro and keep OpenMandriva as an alternative / hobby box.

Keep in touch and have a wonderdul day / night

This topic is getting more and more confused. You mix technical matters with personal opinions and/or complaints.
Confusion is the kind of things we want to avoid. That’s (among other) the reason why newcomers have to understand that they need a learning curve before they are able and allowed to write official documentation (as example in wiki and Resources).
And yes, we may need “to supervise” users contributing and even to review/approve contents.

I’d suggest @Pozitigor to start a new topic in Support category, with a proper descriptive title, so you can discuss technical details there.

@Pozitigor where would be a better place in your opinion?

@rugyada I would like to move C/C++ compiler suite button under contribute tab. Probably the rpm packaging button should also be moved under the contribute tab.

@Pozitigor I will think about your suggestion and discuss with devs soon.

Maybe not move the module (it is like all the others in Application > * tabs meant for installing stuff) but to add some content to the page which Contribute > Join OM development opens:

Other solution might come up too.

@rugyada I think this is a great idea! But what if the new user is not interested in joining development of cooker branch of OM at first? He just won’t follow the link and find the information he needs. what if he needs to compile module or package for himself?

The :heavy_check_mark: reaction would show that I read the comment but don’t have a reply at this precise moment :wink:
Need to think more.
OTOH you suggested the Contribute tab… I was following your idea.
That said imho we’ll get with something pretty soon I guess.
You know, it’s always hard to make all the pieces of the puzzle fit properly together.