Weird problem LibreOffice in Rolling


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Unusual problem with LO in Rolling. System is fresh install and LO has not been used. When I first open LO Writer I see this:

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If I select to Discard then LO seems to work normally. But if I select Save all LO apps become unresponsive. The only remedy is to re-install all the LO packages and next time select Discard. Additionally when I had selected Save and then try to run any LO app in cli there is nothing, no output. Also nothing in journal logs.

I suspect this will be fixed when devs next copy Cooker stuff to Rolling. We are hopeing for this to happen soon.

I should mention I have seen this on 2 different computers in freshly installed Rolling systems. In addition since I re-installed the LO packages on each I have seen this problem 4 times.

Worth mentioning: If you have an unresponsive LibreOffice deleting the libreoffice file in ~/.config might recover it. You will lose all user settings for LO but working beats not working.

Edit: LibreOffice user profile - The Document Foundation Wiki