We have OpenMandriva Lx3 Beta1

Beta1 is here!

Hi folks!

with making it better, better and better we decided to make a cut and finally release the Beta1 of OpenMandriva Lx3!
Let’s polish it together :slight_smile:

This BETA1 release is the culmination of over a years effort and offers features that set it at the leading edge of software technology.
The use of the Clang/llvm compiler to generate the majority of the code combined with Link Time Optimisation (LTO) has created and operating system that is fast stable and efficient.
The release features the latest KDE Plasma 5.6 based desktop along with full KF5 framework of apps which are supported by version 1.18.2 of the Xorg server and Mesa 11.2.
KDE Plasma 5 now runs under the Wayland graphical server which offers smooth and fast graphical rendering. This configuration is experimental.
The lightweight LXQt desktop is available when fewer resources are available. For those who wish to use a gtk based desktop xfce4 may also be installed.

Enjoy! and please as always please file bugs at issues.openmandriva.org.

Please note, that there are some known bugs. We work on that already:

-1.You may/will have difficulty booting to graphical mode any ATI/AMD graphics hardware in trhe X600 series of chips. We think that flgx drivers will work with this hardware but we haven’t tested it yet.

-2. Anyone who has a motherboard based Intel graphics system that wants to use the nouveau driver will at best end up with with a software rendered low res screen. They will have use various tricks to get to this point. Again the use of the proprietary drivers may solve the problem. Issue 2 won’t bother those who have decent Intel chips as they can use those.

Download x86_64 ISO
Release notes

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Who handles maintaining bugs that the most interested does not appear any more in the column " assignee "
Is there a problem ?

In my own opinion is right, bugs should be assigned to om-qa-alerts.
OM-QA later should make the triage and assign the bug, in agreement with the assignee.

Imho is not automatic that all bugs are assigned to one only person.

Hi !

Any schedule for 32-bits version?

No schedule as far as I know.

Will try to remember to ask about this at next TC meeting.

Sirius you can try #131 or #125 from:


For me 131 and 125 did not boot.