Wanting to install and test the openmandriva 4.0 release from 06162019

i just downloaded what i believe is the correct iso, but trying to go to the live environment once i created a live installer it froze once i selected live, and when i recreated the key using unetbootin and tried to boot to it it was completely bypassed. please point me at the correct iso file just to be sure i am grabbing the right one. thanks

my current specs:

Kubuntu 19.04 Kernel 5.1.7 - KDE Neon Kernel 5.1.7,
nVidia 430 Driver, Asus 970 Gaming/Aura, AMD FX 6300, 16Gig DDR3,
Samsung 120Gig 850 EVO, AOC 29" Ultra Wide 2560x1080, nVidia 750Ti,
USB 3 Card, Drives 2TB, 1.5TB, 1TB / 750Gig, 500Gig

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Latest ISO is here -> OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 You should download x86_64.

Well, dont use unetbootin. It is know to broke many distro. To write ISO to USB stick or SD card use dd command or other graphics tools like ROSA Image Writer.


If all else fails burning ISO to USB stick:

Booting from USB

It is also possible to boot this release from an USB storage device. To transfer the live/installation image you may:

- Use the ROSA Image Writer available from our repos

sudo dnf --refresh install rosa-imagewriter

Or, if you do not have OpenMandriva Lx yet, you can get ROSA Image Writer download links at this page
At least 4 GB of flash drive capacity is recommended. Persistent storage is not necessary. Note that this will erase everything on your USB!


Please do not use other usb-writing tools as some Windows tools (e.g. Rufus) truncate the volume name. This breaks the boot process.

- Via dd

You may alternatively dd the image to your USB stick:

dd if=<iso_name> of=<usb_drive> bs=4M

Replace <iso_name> with the path to the ISO and <usb_drive> with the device node of the USB drive, i.e. /dev/sdb .

SUSE Studio ImageWriter has also been tested and works for burning ISO images to USB storage device.

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that’s what i thought. recreating the key again now with unetbootin. not sure why it wouldn’t go into the live nor start the install. used unetbootin for mint cinnamon. kdeneon, and kubuntu without issue. thanks

if my second attempt fails with unetbootin i’ll attempt with rosa. thanks.

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Rosa Image Writer for Windows and other here.

thanks rosa worked like a charm. created key and booted perfectly into the live. have to say pretty sweet looking. o.k. just some quick questions and i should be good to go.

what is openmandriva’s base?
any issues with ppa’s i should know about.
does this handle kde-full as easily as kubuntu and neon?
i like using the nvidia valkan drivers, any issues that are known?
when the update for plasma 5.16 and the kde apps are finally pushed for install any issue i should know about?


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Yikes I forgot the standard OM Welcome.

Welcome to OpenMandriva Forum @mrgrimm. We hope you enjoy your time with our forum and OM distro.

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Let me see what I can answer while sticking to what I know.

[quote=“mrgrimm, post:7, topic:2846”]
what is openmandriva’s base?[/quote]

If I understand the correctly OpenMandriva is our own base specifically everything is based on our development branch Cooker. All packages in our repos are built by us on our own ABF build system. Does not mean we don’t depend on upstream a lot, like all Linux distros we do.

Don’t know myself.

I can’t imagine why it would not. If I understand correctly that would just be installing more packages than default install provides.

Don’t know. I think OM does not have proprietary drivers for Vulkan support yet. And I know we need more testers for nvidia packages when they do get built. Or better someone that wants to build them. (Hey Community disto, all volunteer, if we don’t ask for help we’ll sure never get it.)
If you use drivers from nvidia.com we could use some help writing a how to or confirmation that their README instructions work. (They did way back when I had nvidia hardware.)

Other than anything reported upstream at KDE.org we won’t know that ourselves until packages are built in Cooker.

Hope this is helpful.

sounds good, much appreciated, thanks

now just need someone to comment that’s fairly knowledgeable about the ppa’s, cause if i go with this i’m coming from ubuntu based systems. thanks again. fyi have been testing linux on and off for about 20 years waiting for when i felt it was ready for primetime. and this past november i dropped windows completely thanks to mint cinnamon. i’ve alway been a fan of mandriva and was very please to find the reviews and with the various reviews of openmandriva 4.0 today. to be honest back in the day if mandrake had stayed to to form i would of probably switched years ago.

LOL thanks, appreciate it.