Hello everyone, i browser the wallpapers posts on here and i remembered that it was a big surprise for me when i installed the oma 4.1 and i finding on the wallpapers a image very familiar to me,

(the Energy_The-sunset on the oma wallpapers)
it made me happy and proud but for a min worried also. lol
Then i remembered i had sent some pics on a contest who Mandriva has did in the past, i think it was around 2010 - 2012 ? I think it would be nice there is some more info about those pics who is on the oma official wallpapers, so i will start with mine.
This pic is taken the autumn of the 2004 with my old good canon powershot s45 the place is on Greece on the lagoon of Mesologi town ( 38°24’29.9"N 21°22’43.0"E). The pic is absolute d natural without any edit, the birds on the sky is flamingo there is a set of several who i shot the days who i were there on my files :slight_smile: I hope other people who have their pics on oma wallpapers give us some info for these, it would be very nice to know where on the real world is a nice place who we see on the pics!

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Nice idea :+1:

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Updated credits (as someway we did not know the author’s name before)
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