Wallpaper and iconset

Because OM has also the possibility to create virtual desktops (and I like this!), I want to create a second desktop but want to install that beautiful wallpaper which was used in an earlier OM version. But I cannot find it. Can somebody help me out here?
Here is a picture of that wallpaper and now I am arriving at my second question:
Where can I download this absolute lovely icon set? Is this available in the OM repository?

This is OpenMandriva Lx 2014.x

Icons are rosa-icons
About wallpaper I think you can find it in 2014.1 repository, but if you tell me the size/ratio I will upload it somewhere for you.

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That is really great!!
My screen resolution is 1920x1080.
Where ca I find the rosa-icons?

Need some searching… which currently I may have not enough time to do. If you want to go ahead try surfing 2014.x repositories (the package should be in /main/release or /main/updates
I don’t know if we have also in 3.0 branch. Again, you may want to search in Control Center as usual.

easier & quicker than thought:

# urpmi rosa-icons

Stay tuned :wink:

Here is it. My flickr
The first picture is yours :smile:

Got it!!
Jeeezz, what a great site rugyada. Are those designs from you?

Yep, my hobby

Now I have a little problem. When I want to install this wallpaper on my 2nd vt-desktop,
After installing it, all the 4 desktops do contain this picture.
On my other computer with KDE4, I knew how to correct this (“Different widges for each desktop”) but on OM, whatever I try, all the desktops get the same wallpaper.
How do I fix this?

Right. It’s a Plasma5 “”""“feature”"""" :unamused:
I have read once long time ago something like you can manage it by “Activities” - but cannot swear, nor tell you more.
Sorry, cannot help here.

Yes, I know it is KDE5-Plasma5 and yes, I was aware of that “problem” that virtual desktops are no longer in use there. But… after installing OM, I noticed to my surprise that this distro had it.
Alright when it comes to “Activities”, this replaces virtual desktops in KDE5 and my main distro (PCLinuxOS)
use these Activities. So I will try if, by using the same procedure as I have done there, if I can solve this (I hope).

If you do, would you write a guide for the users?

I certainly am willing to do this, but at this moment, after a little “play around” with this procedure in OM, noticed that there are some differences between PCLinuxOS and OM to get things done.
When everything is clear for me then I will come up with writing a way to do this. But I can imagine that another forum member already did this?
(B.T.W. In which thread category do I have to do this?)

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Maybe did, but not documented :smile:
Useful guides, how-to, tips&tricks are really appreciated.

This, or where you like, I will move it afterward in Resource category.

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This is incorrect. Just for every-ones information virtual desktops are a part of Plasma5 desktop. FWIW I’ve been told specifically by TPG that OpenMandriva doesn’t really do much customization of KDE packages. Virtual desktop settings (Workspace>Desktop Behavior) are still in SystemSettings5 because KDE developers put them there. Activities are not the same thing as Virtual Desktops. There are plans to fix this here. You can see from the length of that bug report and this one that a lot of users share your opinion, myself included. In the bug reports it is explained why KDE devs saw fit to do this. KDE bug 343246 also explains relationship between activities and virtual desktops.

I have openSUSE Leap/Plasma5 and have tested Plasma5 on other distros and have never found virtual desktops missing.

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What I understood when one migrates from KDE4 to KDE5 you cat setup multiple desktops but they are called “Activities”. They do not call this “Virtual Desktops”.
After having established those “Activities” you then can install different wallpapers and widgets for each “Activity”.
At first I was not aware of this and wanted to use “Virtual Desktops” also in KDE5 but I could not find
that little checkbox to activate “Different widgets for each desktop”. It was (and still is) missing in KDE5.
So, whatever I tried, I could not setup a situation where every desktop has its own selection of widgets and its own wallpaper.
After lots of reading and talking on the PCLinuxOS (US)-forum, I finally managed to setup “Activities” as replacement and that each activity had its own different wallpaper and widgets.
Until now, I am not aware of how to use that fine KDE4 virtual desktop feature. If you know how to get things done in KDE5 please write on this forum how to do this (but perhaps this is already done?).

Now rugyada asked me to write a “how to” and I started to setup things the way I did in my PCLinuxOS. But I got stuck here because I did not manage to get different widgets for each Activity on my OpenMandriva O.S… They appear on all Activities and I do not know hoe to correct this.

But this might involve a move to another thread category I assume.

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I don’t understand this. Every install of Plasma5 has a pager for virtual desktops on the right side by system tray. It is always there. Some distros set it up with 4 vt’s others do 2 vt’s It is well know in KDE group as you see in the bug reports that some functionality was removed for security issues. The pager for virtual desktops is different from the activity pager. Activities are something different,that I don’t well understand or use. I do use virtual desktops all the time. There are separate settings for virtual desktop and activities. But they sort of work together somehow if one use activities I was told activities works underneath virtual desktops sorta kinda…

What I was trying to dispel is the idea that there are no longer virtual desktops in KDE/Plasma5, they’re here and they never left. And except for having to have same wall paper for each desktop they work as before for me.

Furthermore Activities are merely a portal to the “National Security Agency”
“A government agency that really listens to people” :sunglasses: Caveat Emptor

Some distros set it up with 4 vt’s others do 2 vt’s It is well know in KDE …

Oh yes, it is still possible to setup vt’s in KDE5, BUT: at least in my main distro PCLinuxOX KDE5 apart from the fact that I cannot have separate wallpapers ( is what you mentioned also but, as I understand it does not bother you), it is impossible to get separate widgets on each desktop (at least on my main distro). A feature which was (is still) possible in KDE4. But that was already stated in the comments on that bug report which link you gave above.

I was told activities works underneath virtual desktops sorta kinda…

That is correct.