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Clicking on the encircled upward-pointing arrow icon that appears in the task manager bar at the bottom of the screen.

(Ben Bullard) #42

That is called Discover. I don’t use that except to test it and I do not recommend it. Instead open Konsole and run:

$ sudo dnf --refresh upgrade

It will ask you for root password but this is much simpler than any GUI to me. Plus if there is any issue you have output you can show other people.

For a brief “How To” on using dnf for package management see this.



I would have thought that the aim of the latest GUI version would be to simplify the process, but I’ve never had successful results with the previous Discover implementations either.

I’ll try the CLI method you suggested.



Ok, the upgrade is humming along…


Much better…

A major complaint I have with Discover is there was inadequate (as in none) feedback regarding the progress of the upgrade.

This is much better.



OK, here is some output:

Total 2.6 MB/s | 680 MB 04:21
warning: /var/cache/dnf/cooker-x86_64-7333483a21d6139e/packages/lib64mad0-0.15.1b-29-omv4000.x86_64.rpm: Header V4 RSA/SHA512 Signature, key ID bf81de15: NOKEY
OpenMandriva Cooker - x86_64 3.0 MB/s | 3.1 kB 00:00
Importing GPG key 0xBF81DE15:
Userid : “OpenMandriva Association om-cooker@ml.openmandriva.org
Fingerprint: 88D1 9FB4 68BA 8F3F DA4F 5E8C 1809 22D8 BF81 DE15
Is this ok [y/N]:


(Ben Bullard) #47

Not an error. That is dnf asking you to accept the GPG key. If you want to use OpenMandriva Cooker repos you select yes. As far as I know this only happens one time and afterwards dnf will update without asking. That has been what I’ve seen.

So if Discover put up a message about this it would have or certainly should have had a [y/N] in the window also. Only way I have to reproduce is to do a fresh install in VBox. Which I will do when I get time.

(Ben Bullard) #48

Yes, in that respect I would say Mandriva’s/OMA’s mkd-applet/mdk-online was better at showing windows with information and [y/N] questions for user.

(Ben Bullard) #49

I did just update a hardware and a VBox system each with Discover and everything I saw looked normal and update worked. As far as I can see there is not a problem with Discover.
Except that I do need to see how it is handling that GPG acceptance question. That is an unknown at this point.



After the updates completed, I tried to open Dolphin.

Here is the message I received:

Unable to create io-slave. klauncher said: Error loading ‘/usr/lib64/qt5/plugins/kf5/kio/file.so’.

Dolphin was working before the updates were run.




Is there a convenient way to save the output of the console from the update process for subsequent examination?

I was thinking of re-installing 4.0 Alpha1 from a blank disk and running that console command you suggested in such a way that I could save the complete original console screen log output to a file to determine what the information was that disappeared in the console screen prior to the Dolphin failure.

Any suggestions as to any preferred way to go about obtaining that console update message log after completion of the update script?


(Ben Bullard) #52

Copy and paste the output to a file.

To not miss any output you need to set and new Konsole profile in Konsole>Settings>Manage Profiles and set that new profile as the default. Then close Konsole and reopen it. Now go to Konsole>Edit Current Profile>Scrolling and set it to ‘Unlimited scrollback’.

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When you see that rebooting usually corrects it. Post-edit: Rebooting is just restarting whatever service makes such files available.


Well, that would certainly be a welcome simple fix.

Here goes…

(Ben Bullard) #55

Uh, oh, guess that did not work. Huh @deltakprime?


Actually, it did… but I’ve discovered another glitch:

Apparently, Gwenview will initially allow me to view about a dozen or so (exact number to be verified later) photos from my phone, but once that number is reached, no further photos can be opened individually, although I can see the entire collection in browse mode.

And I can still continue to open any of the individual photos that I had already opened prior to reaching the limit.

I will retrieve and send the exact error message later on.


Here is the error message:

Loading ‘f778d38098862a4cff3131ae6699ee59.jpg’ failed
Loading meta information failed.

Interestingly, the “<” and “>” keys function in Gwenview individual mode if the target directory is on a hard disk, but they don’t on the phone

(Ben Bullard) #58

Bug report with as much detail as you can provide including omv-bug-report.log.xz.


Will do.