Volunteering For Testing

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Hey Ben, good to hear from you again.

Thanks for the reply.

That’s what I was trying to tell you.

When I load the 4.0 version, there IS no network icon in the system tray. It never appears where I usually find it.

Not there.

Not anywhere I can see.

And there is no “configure your computer” option under System Tools either.

(rugyada) #22

This is Plasma ISO build ID 2280 in live mode.
Network icon is there.

If not, right click on system tray > Configure System Tray

Hope it helps.

(Ben Bullard) #23

I think I know what happened to @deltakprime’s network icon. We did have one or more of the earliest ISO’s that were made without the Network bits due to an error on the part of the person building the ISO. Our ISO’s are identified by “Build ID XXXX” where XXXX is the number of that specific ISO. So what ISO did you install from?

The latest one Is Build ID 2280 mentioned in @rugyada’s post above. Try installing from that one and see if you have a network icon and we hope even working network.

(rugyada) #24

Hi @deltakprime please test ISO 2315 if you are still available.

(Ben Bullard) #25

Now things are really heating up.




Good morning Ben:

This is excellent news! Thanks for the update.

Sorry for my disappearance, but exigent circumstances have taken my focus in other directions for a while.

I hope to become more directly involved as we had previously discussed; meanwhile, I’ll try to download and check out the new release over the weekend, and get back to you with particulars.

Hope all is well with you.


Michael Orlando

(Ben Bullard) #27

No worries. Hope all goes well for you.



This is great!

Hope I’m not speaking too soon, but this is the FIRST time I have loaded a new OM version since 2014 that booted up perfectly on the first try, with no tweaking necessary!

I am flabbergasted, to say the least!

Great job, everyone!

It even allows me to see my phone photos in Gwenview!

(I can’t use the “<” and “>” keys to navigate within Gwenview, but still, it’s only alpha at this point.)

Thanks to all involved, this will make my life SO much easier and will make it much more practical to evaluate things to advise the team about.

Nevertheless, I am seriously jazzed, bro!

I will continue with additional testing and keep you posted.




Oh, yeah…



(Ben Bullard) #30

Thanks for reporting every little bit helps. The more hardware this gets tested on the better final release will be.

FWIW: These are working on my desktop. I’ll try to remember to look for this on other computers and in VBox.

Note: Even though it is Alpha we do want people reporting bugs and if warranted please do file bug reports.


So far I’ve only been exploring in live mode.

I’ve set up a dedicated drive, now I’m going to install it.

Wish me luck.


(Ben Bullard) #32



As far as you know, is installing from the USB better/worse/same as from the “Install” icon on the live desktop?

(Ben Bullard) #34

The installer is the same no matter where you access it. I tend to consider ‘Install Mode’ useless but I test it and it does work. But it is the same installer running the same script.

(Ben Bullard) #35

An advantage to users installing from ‘Live’ is that if they run in to a problem then they can fire up installer again from Konsole like this:

$ pkexec /usr/bin/calamares -d

or this probably works:

$ pkexec calamares -d

and then copy and paste the output to a file and that file can be posted to forum or in bug report.


OK, thanks.

I have some suspicions that my BIOS firmware is acting flaky.

There is an update available, but it requires a working MS Windows drive installation to update it, and that’s been a show-stopper so far.

I did find one drive with Windows installed, maybe I should mount that drive and update the BIOS first.


That does look like a worthwhile advantage.




Didn’t get to update the BIOS, but installed 4.0 Alpha1 anyway from the live system.

It looks perfect!

I can’t begin to tell you how incredible this is to have this system install flawlessly on the first attempt!


Excellent work, ladies & gentlemen!

My faith in humanity, computers, and open source has been restored a thousandfold!

I will continue to explore further and keep you all informed as to my progress.

Thank you all so much for your terrific effort resulting in a fantastic product.

Wishing you all a great evening.



OK, it shows 576 packages to update, but "cannot find repository… (& more) message, but it disappears before I can copy it.

(Ben Bullard) #40

Um, would need to know how you are trying to update? For help with any technical issue user needs to tell us what they did and how they did it.